I know that there are those that still disclaim climate change or man’s role in it and one of those is obviously our congressional representative Glenn Thompson. I read that Thompson recently voted NO on an amendment to HR4606 that would curb methane emissions. It would have simply “required export applications to show that the natural gas to be exported was produced using available techniques to minimize methane emissions from leaks or venting.” Methane is an extremely potent greenhouse gas, one that has 86 times more heat trapping potential than CO2 in the first 20 years. The natural gas industry is the primary source for fugitive methane emissions and Pennsylvania now is one of the major gas producing states in the U.S.

It’s reprehensible for Thompson to vote against any measure that would curb greenhouse gas emissions. To vote against measures to curb emissions is a vote against our children and grandchildren, as it is they who may very likely not have futures on a habitable planet. One could argue that it’s bad business as well since fugitive methane should be going to customers not leaking.

I’m appalled that Thompson dismisses science and best practices. Let’s drain the swamp before it is too late… vote Susan Boser for congress. Sometimes we ask ourselves... what can one person do? This is one small and easy thing that you can do for your children and the climate… vote out Thompson.

Jenny Lisak


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