Greetings from Liberty, N.C. In just 18 days, we will board a plane and begin the journey back to South Africa. Although the past five months resemble nothing imagined as we planned for the year back in January, we see God's hand at work every step of the way. We recently asked for prayer concerning a house for us in South Africa. We felt very frustrated after that house and then another that we felt confident about where given to someone else. Once again, we weren't sure what God was doing, but heard his invitation to trust him with something outside of our box. A few days later, we received a text from friends who are moving to Australia. They haven't been able to sell their house and asked if we would be interested in renting it fully furnished. At first we were shocked. It's in a different neighborhood and a much larger, more expensive house than we would ever consider, but they were offering it to us in our price range. As we prayed about it, God began to remove our objections and to show us how we could use it for ministry as we did the house in Pa. Even though it's probably not a permanent housing solution, we see how it will also make our transition back to South Africa much simpler at this time. It may also give us time to find something that really suits us without the pressure of trying to get settled before Caleb returns to school. In light of that, we are entering into a six-month renewable lease agreement. We still don't know exactly what God has in mind, but we see his hand at work and sense his leading.

Praise God:

  • For the time we have spent in the U. S. and for all that we have seen God do in this time.
  • For his provision of a house for us when we return to South Africa.
  • For family, friends and partners that we have connected with during our time here.

Please pray:

  • For our final weeks in the U.S. as we pack and prepare to leave. Pray for God's guidance in the use of our time and for grace as we say good-byes.
  • For the remainder of our support to come in. We still need funds to cover the remainder of our airfare, $4,000. Pray that those who have pledged support would be able to follow through.
  • For EM's summit program which began last Saturday. There are five interns this year. Our one-year residents are also involved and taking on some of the responsibilities. It's a great opportunity for them to apply what they are learning and to invest in the development of other leaders.

Thanks again for your prayers and for standing with us in this ministry. You are loved and appreciated.

Mark, Marcie, Dylan & Caleb

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