Greetings from Stellenbosch! Please forgive us for the lack of communication through our prayer updates. It has been two months since we have written.

The year 2019 has ended, and 2020 has begun. Our five residents all completed the program and moved on to next things.

Two more EM families, the Halberts and the Buchans, returned to the U.S. in December. They will be missed, but we are excited about this year and what God has in store. Our smaller community feels "right," and we believe is positioned well to do what God has called us to.

Through our work with Stellenbosch Baptist Church, a door has opened with Kayamandi Baptist church (KBC), located in a local township. This is an exciting opportunity to help strengthen a strategic church that has faced many struggles over the past two years.

On another note, God has provided for our housing in an amazing way. The owners of the house we are staying in have removed it from the market and asked us to stay. They have also agreed to freeze the rent for the next two years. Although we had been hoping to return to our old neighborhood, this is an amazing opportunity to continue the ministry which we began last year.

Praise God:

  • For 2019 and the fruit that we have seen in it, especially the transformed lives that we have seen.
  • For strengthening and deepening of our community. We have decreased in numbers, but there is a growing depth and richness.
  • For the open door with KBC. This is a wonderful opportunity for both churches (KBC & SBC) to grow and learn from one another.
  • For his wonderful provision in 2019.

Please pray:

  • For our growing relationship with KBC. Pray for wisdom as we discern what God desires for this partnership.
  • For SBC as we go through a transition of several elders and deacons. This is a pivotal moment as God raises up and envisions new leaders. Pray for Mark as he plays the role God has given him in this process.
  • For Caleb as he enters into grade 7, ┬áhis final year of South African primary school. Pray especially for God's work in his life and his responses to that work in the face of many mixed influences.
  • For Dylan as he pushes through the final semester of Grade 10. Pray that he would respond well to the Lord's leading, especially as he makes decisions about his future.
  • For Marcie as she continues to invest into the lives of women. Pray for wisdom and discernment as she seeks to use her gifts and talents well in this season.

Thank you for your faithfulness in prayer. You are loved and appreciated.

Together in Christ,

Mark, Marcie, Dylan & Caleb

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