Greetings from Liberty, N.C.! A month has passed since we arrived in the U.S. We're adjusting to the change and starting to get into a rhythm. Dylan has managed to catch up with all of his assignments, and Marcie and Caleb are working out the rough spots of their homeschooling process. Mark has pulled together prayer cards, brochures and a message to share with our churches and heads to Portsmouth on Saturday for the first one. We will camp here in Liberty until April 5 when we head north to Pennsylvania.

We are still waiting for clarity on the next steps for our visa process. We are praying that we might have a response to our appeal by April. This would be the simplest way forward. If we don't hear by then, we must decide whether or not to wait on the appeal or to withdraw it and apply for a different visa.

We also learned this week that the owner of our house in Stellenbosch is returning and wants to take possession of it. We need to have our belongings packed up and moved to storage by the end of the month. Our lease runs through April, but we don't see the point of paying an extra month's rent if we won't be able to return to the house. So, Mark is scrambling to make arrangements, and everything seems to be coming together. We were very disappointed by the news, but also see the opportunities as the housing market has become much more favorable in the past few months.

Praise God:

  • For the grace He has given to Dylan and Caleb for their school work.
  • For his provision of a house in Pa. We are very grateful and excited to have such a wonderful set up.
  • For the vehicle He has provided. It's very well used, but has taken us to PA and back already.
  • For His grace as we adjust and embrace this season He has placed us in.

Please pray:

  • For Mark as he travels to Virginia on Saturday and speaks in two services. One is a new church, pray that they might catch the vision of East Mountain and join in the work.
  • That the house packing and moving would go smoothly and that nothing would be lost.
  • That we would get a decision on our appeal by April and that it might be favorable.
  • For God to raise up some new partners while we are here.

Thanks again for standing with us in prayer. You are loved and appreciated,

Mark, Marcie, Dylan and Caleb

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