Dear Editor,

It’s interesting to read the replies to your post on Facebook about the “Mini Casino” vote. Some seem to believe that this will be a salvation to Brookville’s malaise, bringing in lots of well paying jobs, and more business for restaurants, gas stations, etc.

I’m wondering if they’re envisioning a Rivers Casino type of building out on the Boulevard. I think it will be more like someone cleaning out the old Longhorn Steakhouse and putting in a few slot machines to attract truckers. How many jobs will actually be created?

If the casino is allowed, and is built, how much revenue will be siphoned away from the local clubs that give much of their earnings back to the community?

How much of the casino revenue will benefit Brookville?

How many casino visitors will come to Main St, or even find the town?

Locating such a business on Main Street would be impractical because of the parking and convenience issues that have driven other businesses out to the Boulevard.

I just don’t see that bringing in more gambling is going to benefit anyone locally.

Eric Armstrong


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