Where, oh where, does one even begin to acknowledge and thank their community for the support and contributions provided to our family over the past few months? We had some family friends reach out to us in the early days of January asking for permission to have a spaghetti dinner and Chinese Auction Benefit for our family. At first, we felt like we were imposing our current medical ailments on others, however, after careful consideration, our family came to the realization that people genuinely want to help others and sometimes they just don’t know how.

To our family, friends, and many supporters: we are completely overwhelmed by the love, support and generosity that our community has shown us in this difficult time. Our community, friends, family, local businesses, and local churches went above and beyond for our family. The benefit dinner was a wonderful occasion and showed us clearly how joy can be found in the darkest of situations. We deeply appreciated each and every contribution. Our family would love to acknowledgement every individual person and business for their monetary donations, donations to support the meal, and the Chinese Auction items…WOW! If you didn’t have a chance to make it to the dinner, never in our life have we saw donations like those. Some of those donations were from people that didn’t even know our family, but they wanted to help…they wanted to give…”THANK YOU”. To individuals who mailed us cards of encouragement, sent monetary donations to our home or to the benefit…”THANK YOU”

We pray that God blesses each of you abundantly in the way that God has blessed us. As we continue through our journey to fight this disease, please know that your outpouring of love and support has provided us an opportunity to focus on the needs of our family. Your donations and contributions have provided us the relief and strength that comes from knowing we will be able to manage financially for the coming years.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts

Todd and Melora Brown and Family

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