Jeffersonian Democrat office – God answers prayers, great customer service and staff with awesome changes.

I often wondered when reading the classified ads why memorials were in that section. They don’t belong there. They should have their own section for honoring them. But it didn’t affect me so I didn’t say anything.

Until the first time I placed a memorial ad for myself this past October for my son. I went into the office, gave them the information and paid. That week it came out it looked awesome. Patti did a good job with it but there it was in The Classifieds. I was upset. I was thinking I’m not trying to buy or sell or rent or get a job, etc. I’m honoring. Why Classified?

So I went into the office and talked with Tammi and staff and expressed my dismay and what I thought needed to change. They said well, that’s the way it’s done. Leaving still upset, thinking why does it? Why can’t it change?

So this past Thursday night in reading my weekly newspaper and there it is.

Page 7.

Tears ran down my face and a smile so wide, I said, ‘Thank you God. You answered my prayers and they (staff) really listened and remembered. The news editor Joy, along with her staff, made an awesome change.

A memorial. No longer in The Classified!

Way to go Jeffersonian-Democrat. I hope all newspaper offices follow suit and give all memorials their own space to which they deserve!

God bless and thank you,

– Colleen B. Kiehl,


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