This has been an unusual morning. First of all, it's raining quite heavily which is wonderful, except when you have a flat tire. Marcie called me from Caleb's school to let me know and to ask for assistance. Fortunately for me, Byron, the pastor of our church, arrived to drop off his children and was able to help Marcie before I even left home. Then, as I was about to leave home to go pray with Byron about this weekend's church meeting, Dylan informed me that the ceiling in his room was leaking again. On my way into town, Marcie phoned once again. All was good with the tire, but at the gas station, they told her she was missing the radiator cap. It turned out to be just the cap on the overflow, but still, so many potentially distracting circumstances pull my eyes away from the Lord.

Any other weekend, I wouldn't think much about all that has happened this morning, but in a few hours, we leave to facilitate a weekend retreat with an amazing group of leaders. I don't want to start looking for a demon in every bush, but I do know that our struggle is not against flesh and blood. I don't think Satan steals radiator caps or puts nails in tires, but he does use such things to turn our eyes from God back to self reliance. In our doubt and frustration, we miss the opportunities that God has placed before us and God misses out on the glory that was due him.

I did eventually make it to pray with Byron. We both needed that time together with God. His week has been much like my morning today. Thank you for standing with us in prayer.

Praise God:

  • For the time of community enrichment that we had last week. It went well and most seemed to come away very encouraged. It also seems to have facilitated some continuing conversations which is what we were hoping for.
  • That Carlo is doing well after the surgery to put a plate in his collarbone. The pain is much less now and he is adjusting to his limitations.

Please pray:

  • For the retreat this weekend with Grant and his Eden Project team. They are an amazing group of diverse people who have moved into an at risk neighborhood in order to live out the Gospel. God has an is using them in amazing ways.
  • Pray for open hearts to what God wants to do this weekend. Pray for safe travel in the rain and that the rain will not be a distraction or discouragement. Pray for me as I facilitate and create space for them to meet with God and with each other and for Marcie as she helps with the children (five children under age 3).
  • For our housing situations. We are still uncertain as to what is next. We are open to staying here longer, but are also looking at other housing options without much success.

Thanks again for standing with us in prayer.

Mark, Marcie, Dylan & Caleb

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