BROOKVILLE — The Second Strike Lanes tried something new this summer with a pro shot league for an added challenge.

Owner Chris Morris began thinking about this league after he and some friends had tried a new oil pattern on the lanes one evening. The group had a lot of fun with the difficult shot, and he considered making it into a league.

Morris said in the summer, business at most bowling alleys slow down because of the weather and people being outdoors more. He figured most of those who would participate in the summer league would be more dedicated bowlers anyway.

“We thought it would be fun to try to do some sort of league that involved the guys that were more serious about bowling,” Morris said. “You don’t have to be a pro bowler to bowl on a pro pattern, but it’s a very hard shot.”

This league had drawn bowlers form Indiana, Ebensburg, Oil City and Franklin. Some of these people traveled because their local bowling alley hadn’t opened yet when the league started.

For this league, Morris selects a different oil pattern for the lanes every week. The oil pattern on the lane changes how a ball reacts and how much curve, or lack of curve, there is. The pattern can be long or short, and can drastically affect how the ball rolls down the lane.

The league is a singles league, meaning there are no teams, only each individual bowler. It is also a point-based league, meaning the standings can change drastically from one week to the next.

Each week, the first place bowler receives 50 points, second place 30 points, third place 25 points, fourth place 20 points, fifth place 15 points, sixth to tenth place 10 points, and 11th and on gets five points.

“It’s weighted heavy toward the top so that if somebody can only make half the weeks, but in those half weeks, you’re in the top five each week, you still have a pretty solid chance to make the top 10,” said Chris Sharp, a local bowler who helped set up the league.

This breakdown means that someone at the bottom of the rankings can jump ahead many places with one or two really good weeks. The league is eight weeks long, with a ninth week for the championship between the top 10 places.

During the championship week, there will be a three game eliminator, and the top five will be taken into a stepladder eliminator. The first place winner will get a $200 gift certificate for the pro shop.

“It’s kind of been a group affair. We’re just kind of kicking ideas off of each other. We want to make bowling fun for everybody,” Morris said. “It’s a hard league to be in, but it’s a fun league because you’re not expecting to score huge.”

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