BROOKVILLE — The Second Strike Lanes has been fully reopened for several weeks, and is finding a good sense of normality again.

Owner Chris Morris said the lanes are heading in the right direction.

“There’s no concern at this point, we’re going to make it through the summer. Summer leagues coming in here, we have two summer leagues that are doing very well,” Morris said.

Morris said the community turned out to support the bowling alley after the previous article about its financial struggle through the pandemic. He said the kitchen orders were well above average for about three weeks.

Something in the works at the lanes are some specialty pizza recipes like steak pizza, buffalo chicken, and Hawaiian. Morris’ wife Tracy has quickly made a new house favorite with her pizza burgers.

Morris also recently picked up the 12 machines worth of parts he had committed to buying prior to the coronavirus pandemic. He said the bowling alley he got them from was very similar to Second Strike Lanes. He even came back with some replacement chairs for the seating by the lanes, as the other bowling alley had the same seats.

“I’m going to guess they’re (the seats) are from the 60s. The house I bought all this equipment from, it was literally like they took Brookville and stuck it down in Texas,” Morris said. “The guy was awesome down there, very accommodating.”

His goal right now is to have new machines for the bowling alley in five years. Morris said he wants to update the scoring system, and would rather update both the machines and scoring at once so he doesn’t have to close for an extended period twice.

“You just kind of keep moving with the times. You don’t want to get left in the dust,” Morris said.

He said the bowling has been kind of slow since opening back up fully, but he expected that now that it’s summer.

The bowling alley held a Luminaria event over the weekend to honor those who have battled cancer. This is a cause close to the Morris’ hearts, and they are very involved with the local Relay for Life chapter as well.

The lanes were covered with all the luminarias that were bought, and the lights turned off for a period.

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