BROOKVILLE — U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey visited Brookville Tuesday to tour the Miller Fabrications Solution facility and see first hand how a major job creator in the area has weathered the coronavirus pandemic that has strained so many industries this year.

Toomey toured the facility with Owner Dave Miller and President Eric Miller as they showed him how the company has innovated its ways of operations. One of Toomey’s main focuses in this tour was to see how major facilities are fairing in wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

“This is a tough year for most American, most Pennsylvania businesses,” Toomey said. “But this is a company that’s been adapting to the circumstances, was able to take advantage of some new provisions in our tax reform.”

By the end of the tour, he had a positive outlook from Dave and Eric Miller, and their team working in the facility.

“My impression in talking to the team here is that their prospects in the future look quite bright, so I’m hoping that we can continue this recovery that’s been underway for some time now,” Sen. Toomey said.

Miller took Toomey on a full tour of the operations, showing him the operations and advancements that technology has allowed. He said this tour helped give him an understanding of a large private sector employer in Jefferson County.

He also wanted to know how the changes made in the tax code affected the company, which the Miller’s explained to him.

“The Millers were explaining to me how, being able to fully expense the big equipment purchases that they make facilitates their acquisition of that equipment and that in turn enables them to do business they wouldn’t otherwise be able to do. Keep people employed who wouldn’t otherwise have a job,” Toomey said.

The Millers stressed to him the importance of keeping these provisions permanent in the tax code. Toomey said visits like this one show him firsthand how important such innovations are, and the ever changing economy around technological advancements.

“I want to thank the Miller family and their team for a fascinating tour of this facility, which is quite amazing. Obviously, Miller is a really important employer in Jefferson County and what they do is amazing. It’s great for Pennsylvania and American manufacturing,” Toomey said.

As far as the coronavirus, Toomey said he believes our ability to deal with the virus from a healthcare point of view is getting better, and he is hoping for “a full economic recovery as soon as possible.”

He said a strong economy is important to recovery of any industry, and that the state and country are hopefully moving in that direction.

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