BROOKVILLE — Second Strike Lanes, formerly known at Brookville Lanes, recently started a Pro Shot League, a weekly setup on Thursday using different professional oiling patterns on the lanes.

It'll be a cumulative points standings that after one week had 18 bowlers. Points are awarded on weekly finish from a three-game series in relation to other competing bowlers, as noted below. Point system: 1st place, 50 points. 2nd place, 30 points. 3rd place, 25 points. 4th place, 20 points. 5th place, 15 points. 6th-10th, 10 points. 11th-20th, 5 points.

The first week of bowling on June 11 used the "44-foot Hardwick" finish:

1. Chris Sharp;50

2. Harry Mallow;30

3. Alex Nelson; 25

4. Brian Kammerdeiner;20

5. Greg Malloy;15

6. Steph Anthony;10

7. Jim Rhodes;10

8. Jonathan Delaney;10

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9. Josh Anthony;10

10. John Heard;10

11. Dalton Doverspike;5

12. John McRae;5

13. John Eppley;5

14. Scott Reynolds;5

15. Lily Lehnhardt;5

16. Chandler Strawcutter;5

17. Ashley Buzard;5

18. Todd Ishman;5

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