BROOKVILLE — The ninth season of the Jefferson County Flag Football League finished in late October as 84 players in grades 1 through 6 took part in what turned out to be a successful season.

No weather issues and another strong turnout highlighted the six-week schedule that saw two divisions — Juniors (grades 1-3) and Seniors (grades 4-6) — made up of four teams each. In the Juniors, it was the Chargers, Saints, Seahawks and Texans while the Seniors were stocked with the Dolphins, Browns, Eagles and Redskins.

The league is sponsored by the Brookville YMCA and runs through NFL Flag, which sponsors league across the country using jerseys from its teams.

“I can’t say how much we appreciate all of the families who were more than willing to have a season this fall,” said league organizer Rich Rhoades. “And then without the coaches, we couldn’t do it either. They all worked hard to teach their kids as much football as they could. The season went fast and we were fortunate to have a beautiful fall.”

The league played at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds each Saturday morning and afternoon with a weekly practice on Wednesdays.

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“I’d like to thank the YMCA once again and NFL Flag has been awesome with its support system as well,” Rhoades said. “I think the kids had a blast.”

The league had 52 of its players find the end zone via a touchdown or conversion. League rules help facilitate “spreading the ball around” and getting as many kids a chance to touch the ball during a 40-minute game that has a running clock with the exception of the final two minutes of each half.

“We are a developmental league,” Rhoades said. “We want to teach as many kids as much about football so they not only have fun, but might want to keep playing down the road when you need to put on the pads and tackle.”

While most of the league consists of youth from the Brookville Area School District, youths from surrounding districts are eligible to play in the league.

The league has a website. Click on to

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