BROOKVILLE Here are the Men’s Day golf results from last Thursday, June 25 at Pinecrest Country Club.

The format used was one best ball on the front nine and two best balls on the back.

First place gross score (102): Chris Neil, Brian Dougherty, Mike Schuckers and Bill McAninch.

Second place gross score (105): Tim Kammerdeiner, Greg Truitt, Dave Osborne and Greg Sobol.

First place net score (95): Denny Ames, Mark McKinney, Larry Weary and Mike McMurray.

Second place net score (96): Andy Martino, Ray Carlson, Mike Gray, Terry Gray.

Skins won: Greg Sobol (No. 4), Russ Wieszczyk (No. 9), Bill Barrett (No. 11), Mike Gray (No. 12) and Jeff McAninch (No. 18).

SKINS ON TUESDAY (June 23), with winners and holes won: Braden Martini (Nos. 2 and 10), Chris Neil (Nos. 5 and 6), Matt Melillo (No. 13) and Chris Taylor (No. 18).

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LADIES DAY (June 23) results: 1. Nancy Leonard (86), 2. Judy Roberts (82), 3. Jude Gatehouse (80), 4. Mary Kay Slimak (79), 5. Nancy Smoose (7).

MEN’S DAY (June 18) results. 1 best ball on the Par 5s, 2 best balls on the par 4s and 3 on the Par 3s:

First Place Gross (140): Mark Powell, Don Espy Jr., Braden Martini and Dave Osborne.

Second Place Gross (145): Mike Gray, Terry Gray, Andy Martino and Ray Carlson.

First Place Net (135): Chris Neil, Bill McAninch, Mike Schuckers and Brian Dougherty.

Second Place Net (137): Bill Reitz, Denny Ames, Larry Weary and Mike McMurray.

Skins won: Kevin Hoffman (No. 3), Mark Powell (No. 4), Terry Gray (No. 6), Chris Neil (No. 12), Dave Osborne (No. 16), and Bill McAninch (No. 17).

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