BROOKVILLE — Culminating a weekend that drew 48 twosomes, or 96 players to Pinecrest Country Club, the annual Member-Guest Tournament wrapped up Sunday afternoon with a shootout for the overall title.

The eight flight winners and two wild card entries took just three holes in an alternating shot format to declare the champion and it was Chris Taylor and Mike Braunstein that eliminated brothers Michael and Patrick Fritz.

The 48 duos were broken down into eight flights of competition based on combined handicap score. Teams played a nine-hole round-robin schedule — three matches Saturday and two Sunday — against the other teams in the flight in a match play setup that equaled 10 points available to score in each match.

The Fritz duo won the Woods (first) Flight with 28 1/2 points while Taylor and Braunstein won the Nicklaus (second) Flight with 31 points. Other flight winners were Brian Dougherty and Andy Rex (Snead, third) with 34 points, Dave and Kevin Osborne (Palmer, fourth) with 29 1/2 points, Craig Coon and Brad Lashinsky (Mickelson, fifth) with 30 1/2 points, Greg and Caden Truitt (Norman, sixth) with 32 1/2 points, Michael Winklemann and Jon Kaminski (Couples, seventh) with 31 points and Wally and Kyle Simpson (Watson, eight) with 34 points.

The wild card teams for the shootout were Don and Kyle Cappetta (Snead) and Mike MacMurray and Wade Northey (Couples).

Saturday, Patrick Fritz (No. 8) and Derek Buganza (No. 10) scored eagles.

For being part of the winning duo as a guest, Braunstein receives a full-year membership as a prize.

Here are the full flight standings with teams and point totals:

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WOODS: Michael and Patrick Fritz (28 1/2), Braden Martini and Derek Buganza (28), Mark Powell and Ben Pete (27 1/2), Ben and Tim Carrico (25 1/2), Greg Sobol and Mike Schmidt (23 1/2), Tim Kammerdeiner and Scott Bizzak (17).

NICKLAUS: Chris Taylor and Mike Braunstein (31), Jeff Hepler and Pat Preston (26 1/2), Jake and Steve Bowser (26), Tom McClaine and Kevin Ruby (24 1/2), Mike Arabia and Matt Parker (22 1/2), Matt Wieszczyk and Bert Lauble (19 1/2).

SNEAD: Brian Dougherty and Andy Rex (34), Don Espy and Kyle Cappetta (29 1/2), Andy Martino and Terry Moore (22), Gregg Fritz and D.J. Bevevino (22), Rick and Michael Smoose (21 1/2), Terry and Christian Sadler (21).

PALMER: Dave and Kevin Osborne (29 1/2), Matt Melillo and Steve Clark (29), Dan and Brian Luton (28), Ray Carlson and Eric Coder (22 1/2), John Arabia and Don Rigone (21), Kevin Hoffman and Dave Hrovat (20).

MICKELSON: Craig Coon and Brad Lashinsky (30 1/2), John Pysh and Rob Matson (27 1/2), Dan Conti and Pat Hrovat (24 1/2), Nathan and Gus Simpson (23), Rick Tote and Ed Sadler (22 1/2), Jamie Holt and Mark Neiswonger (22).

NORMAN: Greg and Caden Truitt (32 1/2), D.J. and Dave Sayers (31), Ernie Erlandson and Phong Wirth (28 1/5), Matt Megnin and Jeff Minsterman (20), Dan Olson and Mark Cangley (19 1/2), Bill and Bryan Ellis (18 1/3).

COUPLES: Michael Wiklmann and Jon Kaminski (31), Mike MacMurray and Wade Northey (29 1/2), Billy Morrison and Kyle Fogarty (27 1/2), Tom and Joe Simpson (24), Dan Winklman and Justin Bandursky (21), Russ Wieszczyk and Phil Walker (17).

WATSON: Wally and Kyle Simpson (34), Max Kutz and Cody Racchini (26 1/2), Bill Gatehouse and Jim Rhodes (25), Bill and Justin Barrett (25), Rich Conti and Burt Craig (20 1/2) and Dave Neil and Rob Jewett (19).

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