YMCA District swimming qualifiers

YMCA District Qualifiers: In front row, from left, are Violet Harper, Lucy Golier, Samantha Whitling, Erika Doolittle, Casey Riley and Alec “Newsy” Geer. Second row: Calvin Doolittle, Kerrigan Swartz, Lydia Seaton, Brianna Warner, Brynn Afton and Brody Barto. Back row: Madeline Golier, Sadie Shofestall, Emma Afton, Chloe Smith, Grace Matson, Reggan Olson, Maya Wilshire, Jocalyn Henry and Ella Fiscus. Missing from photo: Alayna Murray, Parker Boyden and Holden Shaffer.

BROOKVILLE — The Pennsylvania YMCA Western District Meet is set for Eastern Ohio, actually, and the Brookville Barracudas have a big contingent headed to the SPIRE Institute in Geneva, Ohio.

The Barracudas’ team membership, with the temporary shutdown of the Clarion YMCA team due to the renovation project at Clarion University, swelled to 98 swimmers this season with 29 coming from the Clarion area.

That helped raise the quality as well and 25 are headed to Ohio this weekend to try to qualify for the state meet with a top-six finish, or a wild card finish with a fast enough time.

The YMCA state meet is at Penn State University March 23-25.

Here is the Barracudas lineup for the weekend meet:



200 medley relay: Lydia Seaton, Alayna Murray, Brynn Afton, Brianna Warner.



Calvin Doolittle: 200 freestyle, 200 IM


Parker Boyden: 50 freestyle

Sadie Shofestall: 50 freestyle

200 medley relay: Shofestall, Boyden, Emma Afton, Chloe Smith and Madeline Golier.



Brody Barto: 200 freestyle, 100 freestyle, 50 butterfly

Alec Geer: 50 breaststroke


Kerrigan Swartz: 50 freestyle, 50 breaststroke, 100 breaststroke

Maya Wilshire: 50 freestyle

200 medley relay: Swartz, Wilshire, Grace Matson, Ella Fiscus, Erika Doolittle

200 freestyle relay: Wilshire, Fiscus, Matson, Reggan Olson, Jocalyn Henry



Holden Shaffer: 50 freestyle


Casey Riley: 50 breaststroke, 100 breaststroke

Samantha Whitling: 50 breaststroke

200 medley relay: Violet Harper, Riley, Whitling, Lucy Golier, Charlotte Matson

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