BROOKVILLE — Students at the Brookville Area School District honored veterans last Thursday by making signs thanking them for their service that they held as area veterans drove past the school in a car parade.

Working with local veterans groups, teachers Jena Bish and Patty Weaver planned a Parade of Veterans.

The parade was originally scheduled for Veteran’s Day, but was moved to Thursday because of weather. The veterans started gathering at Whitebrook for the parade around 8:45 a.m. They left here and drove through town at 9 a.m.

The veterans drove down Main Street before turning up Jenks Street toward the school.

Students from both the Hickory Grove and the high school lined the street around both buildings for the parade. The veterans drove around Hickory Grove before coming down between the two schools, and continuing around the front of the high school to the student parking lot.

From here, they drove a loop around the parking lot and back across the front of the school to leave.

The parade was escorted by a police, and the Brookville Fire Department, who sent their engine out to lead the parade.

This parade was held in this manner so none of the veterans had to leave their car, and could be honored without being exposed to too many people during the pandemic.

Sixth-grade teacher Amy Watson said, “We counted almost 50 cars coming through. The children loved making the posters and cheering the veterans.”

Superintendent Erich May said, “This parade was another example of modifying plans on account of COVID. We like to have an assembly in the auditorium, but with gathering limitations currently in place, we had to stay outside. But then the parade was special in its own way: it was great to see and hear our students shouting, ‘Thank you for your service!’”

He added, “We really value our veterans, and we want them to know they are valued and appreciated. Events like this are good for the kids. too. We need to instill in them gratitude for our fighting men and women, for the freedoms they have secured, for the nation they have protected.”

May also gave kudos to Bish and Weaver “for making it happen.”

“We heard many positive comments from the participants and may do it again next year,” Watson said.

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