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Administrative assistants are some of the most versatile professionals out there. From handling personalities to keeping everything organized to running office operations, it’s a job that requires a lot of different skills at any given time. If you’re thinking about becoming an administrative assistant for the next phase of your career, let’s look at some […]

We’ve all been in this position—we’re at work or on an interview and all of a sudden we accidentally say something that we quickly realize sounds so awkward, so not right that we’d give nearly anything to somehow be able to take it back…but we can’t. The truth is, once something is out of your […]

There’s a question that seems to pop up all the time, and you can count on hearing it from inquiring bosses, curious colleagues, friends and family members, and perhaps most often—and most importantly—on job interviews. It’s ‘Where do you see yourself in five years?” How you answer this can say plenty about you. Want to […]

Here’s a simple business truth: In any company, regardless of age, focus, or industry, you’re only as good as your talent—which also means that you’re only as good as your talent acquisition team. It’s true—talent acquisition is an essential aspect of any strategic, forward-thinking business, and with the intense level of competition among companies at […]

Does this sound familiar? You’re trying to figure out your future and you’re in the midst of some serious career planning, when all of a sudden you’re inundated on all sides by a hurricane of advice on what to do, what not to do, and how to move forward. The truth is, when it comes […]

Nurses face many professional challenges. Their jobs are both physically and mentally draining, and on top of working in extremely stressful, pressure-filled environments they have to deal with a seemingly never-ending array of competing priorities and demands on their time, a ton of diverse patient and colleague personalities, and often-grueling work schedules. With all of […]

Are you on the hunt for a new career in a growing industry? If so, then consider medical coding. This rewarding field can offer a wide variety of potential opportunities for employment and can be a satisfying profession for those with the right skills, mindset, and aptitude. Plus, it's a career on the rise—according to […]

One of the biggest challenges of working in Human Resources can be the role that you play in employee struggles and difficulties: poor performance reviews, disciplinary action, conflicts between employee and manager, etc. It can feel like you’re caught in the middle—you’re not necessarily the employee or the manager, but you’re there to represent both […]

When you’re writing your resume, these days there are a number of different audiences to consider. There’s the hiring manager. There’s the robot resume scanner. And there’s another person altogether: the recruiter. The recruiter is a bit different because they’re focused on the bottom line from the start. Where a hiring manager wants to know […]

A critical task for any HR professional is to help ensure that their company’s organizational culture and leadership accurately and effectively reflects its values, beliefs, and mission. How does your company fare in this critical area? In today’s impossibly crowded business climate, having a clearly developed culture and identity is essential for an organization. According […]

What could be better than getting a new job with minimal effort on your part? Yes, it sounds impossible, but you can land a great new job without ever having to apply for it. Sure, the typical path to the next job in your career journey often requires some hard work and dedicated job hunting—searching […]

Attention HR professionals: As 2018 continues to unfold, you’re undoubtedly focused on achieving your staffing and recruiting goals for the year, which likely means plenty of advanced planning and strategy sessions, all designed to help you and your company hit its predetermined targets. For successful companies, this is beyond important—it’s an absolutely essential business function. […]

Risk is scary. Everything in human history has evolved to make us scared of risk. After all, time has taught us that risks can get you eaten by animals in the wild, or have you holding your head in despair while the stock market (with your bold investment in ostrich futures) tanks. But risk can […]

If you’ve been on the job hunt for a while, you’ve probably been exposed to a wide variety of interview styles and scenarios, all designed to try and get the most accurate reflection of what you’d be like as a potential employee and gauge your value if hired. And chances are you’ve been exposed to—in […]

When you’re just starting out in your career, everything feels significant. You’re learning how to navigate workplace politics, perform new tasks, and balance work and life. After a few years, though, you’ve fallen into routines, and you’re not the New Kid anymore. So how do you shake that rut? Change your routine. This applies both […]

As a parent, you already know that role is one of the most important jobs out there. Creating and nurturing a tiny human is hard work—work that's both challenging and rewarding. Some parents return to the workforce after a short leave, either by choice or necessity, while others return after years of being a stay-at-home […]

No matter who you are, no matter what you do as a job, there is one skill that will always (always!) come in handy: negotiation. Whether you’re a newbie just starting out on your career path or a seasoned professional, being able to negotiate salary or raises helps ensure that you’re getting the most out […]

Attention recruiters—as the folks who are at the front lines for ensuring that companies and organizations are staffed with the best and brightest employees available, your jobs are critical to their success. LinkedIn published an article that provided compelling reasons why recruiters today are key to organizations: “Now, in today’s economic environment and marketplace, recruiters are […]

Here’s a tricky situation that may sound familiar—you have a job that you’re not exactly in love with (okay, you hate it), but for one reason or another you can’t quit. The reasons for feeling as if you’re stuck there can vary wildly—perhaps it’s tied to money, or you feel as if this position is […]

How do you get hired to be one of the hire-ers? That’s the question facing those of you interested in becoming a human resources professional as a career. Often, we think of HR generalists as part of the machine—reading our resumes, putting together offers, brokering interviews, and sending out benefits statements. But like all other […]

We’re living in a rapidly evolving world where almost everything is done online and the very notion of privacy seems to be evaporating. Most of us are growing increasingly more comfortable having our lives made public through a variety of social networks. This new open and public approach to sharing information is affecting companies as […]

Let’s be honest: if you have a job, you have boss issues. Even if you like your boss, even if you work well with your boss, even if you are pretty happy at work… there will inevitably be some kind of disagreement or frustration. It happens to literally everyone. When these issues pop up, whether […]

One core aspect of successfully running a business—regardless of its size or the industry it’s operating in—is keeping staff happy and motivated so that they continue to perform at effective levels. It also helps to reduce levels of employee turnover—something that strategic, forward-thinking management teams should always consider. Why is employee turnover so crucial to […]

Looking for a job can feel like a catch-22: to get a job I need experience, but to get experience I need a job. And if you’re a student with no work experience or otherwise entering the workforce for the first time, how do you deal with that on a resume? You can’t just hand […]

Nursing is one of the most solid career options out there right now—demand is steady, and there will always be evergreen elements of the career, like direct patient care. But how nurses provide that care is changing with the times, as qualified medical professionals are in ever-higher demand. Here are some recent trends in nursing […]