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Many of us who enter the workforce come strapped with a host of preconceived notions about how our career journeys will ultimately pan out—the steps we’ll take as we climb the ladder to success, the positions we’ll hold, the salaries and benefits we’ll acquire along the way, and the timelines for making it all happen. […]

Those of us who have been in the work world for a while know all about the dreaded “difficult boss”—the boss who fills your thoughts with misery when you think about coming into work each day. The boss who somehow manages to make every work project and task more annoying and less enjoyable for everyone […]

For most of us in the work world, our jobs aren’t exactly solo missions. Unless you’re a one-person show or your own boss in a lean start-up, chances are you’re part of a team, one whose members all utilize their individual abilities and skill sets collaboratively in pursuit of a common goal—to ensure the success […]

Attention teachers—are you making the most of your time in the classroom? The truth is, if you’re applying a “one size fits all” approach to teaching then you’re probably not making the most effective use of your abilities. Today’s most effective teachers realize that their classrooms are actually microcosms of students with a range of […]

As we make our way into 2019, you may be thinking about what your next step is, career-wise. If you’re looking to make some changes, here are some of the hottest and fastest-growing jobs and fields to consider. Medical Services Manager The job outlook doesn’t get much hotter than in healthcare right now. And with […]

Have you ever heard the old saying that it’s never too early to start planning for the future? If so, you may have decided to ignore it, or just worry about it later—after all, when you’re young you feel as if you have an endless amount of time to plan your life and that your […]

If you feel like your job hunt is floundering or you find yourself in a position where you need to find a new job ASAP, one of the best things you can do is focus on your skills. Even more than experience, skills are often what gets you into an interview—and, ideally, into a new […]

Everyone could benefit from a little more power and confidence in the workplace, but studies have shown that women in particular tend to be more hesitant about wielding the kinds of skills and behavior typically associated with leaders. If you’re looking for a way to boost your own presence at work and feel more in […]

This is the time of year when people tend to have romance on the brain. Flowers! Jewelry commercials! Ads for upscale restaurants! If you’re a hopeless romantic, it’s kind of like the Super Bowl. But what if you want to turn those lovey-dovey feelings into a career, something you can build professionally? Believe it or […]

When you hear the phrase “self-care,” you might think of personal things like meditation, indulging in something decadent, yoga, a spa day, or taking time for a good book. But when you think about how much of your time you spend at work, it makes sense to broaden that definition of self-care to include your […]

It’s easier to job hunt if you have a job. It’s a maxim, but it’s backed up: statistics have shown that employers are more likely to hire people who already have jobs, and a 2017 survey by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York determined that about 23% of job seekers are already employed. So […]

Those of us who have had the opportunity to have a good professional mentor as we travel through our career paths are well aware of the value they bring—this includes everything from support, encouragement, and motivation; to opening new doors; to networking and job opportunities. The bottom line is that a good mentor is really […]

Baby Boomers have driven the economy for decades. The youngest of the generation are just now turning 55 (a long-time “dream” age for early retirement), while much of the generation have already reached retirement age. In fact, there are approximately 10,000 Baby Boomers retiring every day. However, if you are among the many of this […]

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It’s interview day. You’ve worked on your handshake, your eye contact, your head-to-toe professional outfit. You know your resume backwards and forwards, and you’ve reviewed the job description so many times you can practically see it when you close your eyes. So, you’re ready. And then in the interview, you get a question you weren’t […]

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Part-time jobs can be valuable for people in transition: students needing to support themselves while taking classes, parents who transition from being stay-at-home to entering the workforce, people who want to cover an employment gap, or people looking for an extra side gig to make more money while they pursue other endeavors. The top part-time […]

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Stress at work happens to everyone—it comes and goes, no matter how much you love what you do. Its causes can range from something fleeting, like an unusually heavy workload one week, to something more serious, like a toxic managerial environment. According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, 40% of American workers […]

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For decades, there were some hard-and-fast rules about how you should write a resume: good-quality stationery, a rigid reverse-chronological format, only one page long. But as hiring and applying have changed over the past 10-15 years by going digital, so have those rules. What the “rule” now comes down to is this: your resume should […]

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If you’re one of the huge wave of Baby Boomers reaching (or already past) retirement age, you may be thinking a lot about the next phase of your life. For many, continuing to work is a financial necessity. For others, it’s about staying professionally active without the same 9-to-5 grind. If you’re looking for ways […]

Making resolutions each January is the easy part. Sticking to them beyond, say, February, that’s the tricky part. It’s not necessarily the goals themselves that are failing you, though—it could be the way you’re setting them, and the way you’re setting yourself up to implement them. Let’s look at some key strategies for crafting and […]