Brockway Center for Arts and Technology’s Executive Director Deborah Heigel poses with Manchester Bidwell Founder Bill Strickland. Heigel and her staff make it their own personal mission to follow in Strickland’s footsteps, transforming lives of the local community.

DuBOIS — A fulfilling career is not truly complete without a love for learning and personal growth. Brockway Center for Arts and Technology (BCAT) Executive Director Deborah Heigel is no exception to this philosophy, making her life’s work of transforming lives through education more meaningful by continuing her own.

Originally from rural Pennsylvania, Heigel attended Penn State University, earning her Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Welfare. Before attending Indiana University of Pennsylvania for her Master of Counselor Education degree, she was employed as a social worker for various group homes for disadvantaged youth, as well as nursing homes, mental health centers and other facets of social work.

After earning her master’s degree, she then went on to work as the Director of Guidance at Dubois Central Catholic for more than 2 decades, eventually taking on the position of Administrator of the DCC Middle School while maintaining her Guidance position. In addition to this long career at DCC, Heigel has also taught at various universities in Pennsylvania, offering courses such as Introduction to Psychology, Sociology, Racial and Ethnic Diversity and myriad related subjects.

Though this level of experience and leadership more than prepared Heigel for her position at the Brockway Center for Arts and Technology when it opened in June of 2013, she felt the calling to expand her abilities yet again with further credentials from Notre Dame University.

Notre Dame’s Nonprofit Certificate Education program offers a variety of certifications.

Heigel has earned four of these certifications so far, including Executive Certificates in in Nonprofit Leadership and Management, Transformational Nonprofit Leadership, Nonprofit Fund Development, and A Professional Certificate in Management. Each of these certifications requires three courses for a well-rounded learning experience.

Thanks to her hard work and dedication to her career, Heigel has helped to build a wonderful foundation for BCAT to continue to build upon. “I always preach to my staff and students that we need to be lifelong learners so I felt it important to set a positive example.

Notre Dame’s curriculum is beyond my expectations and has benefited my leadership of the BCAT Center in so many ways.”

The Brockway Center for Arts and Technology is dedicated to transforming lives through education and the arts by providing opportunities outside the norm for area youth and adults. The staff is proud to work for Deb and displays this in their everyday interaction with our great community. For more information on our programs for youth and adults, call 814-265-1111.

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