BROCKWAY — A DJ, a bouncy house, the marching band, and the superintendent serving food.

That’s how Brockway Area School District kicked off its football season Friday after school.

Continuing the traditional kick-off tailgate, the school district moved the festivities right beside the school and started immediately after the school day ended. Community members came and joined the students and staff in the festivities.

“Look out there,” Superintendent Jeff Vizza said as he served hot dogs to the crowd. “You can see that the school and the community are one. Everyone’s having a good time together. What happens in the school happens in the community.”

The crowd filled the pavilion and playground beside Brockway Area Elementary School. Vizza, principals Mark Dippold and Brian Mulhollan, and some teachers handed out rolls, hot dogs, pizza, and drinks. Ice cream was served later.

Food Service Director Dan Pinchock and the Nutrition Group provided the food.

The student council brought in DJ Mad Maxx to entertain the crowd, and many high school students gathered to dance to their favorite songs. Maxx took a break for the Brockway marching band to perform some songs before the band members helped themselves to hot dogs. Brockway cheerleaders provided face painting for the children playing in the playground.

Along with the playground, children got to jump around in a bouncy house.

“The Hutt Restaurant donated the bouncy house,” Vizza said. “That just shows how the community gets involved in the school.”

When the event wrapped up, the crowd made its way over to Varischetti Field to watch Brockway slip past Brookville. After the game, Scottish Heights stayed open to give the community a place to gather.

“This was a group effort,” Vizza said. “A lot of people made this happen. It’s great to see us coming together and having a good time.”

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