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The Clarion Center for the Arts announced plans to expand their program for people with special needs and individual learning differences.

CLARION — Clarion Center for the Arts announced plans to expand their program for people with special needs and individual learning differences. “Our mission here includes fostering a love for dance in students of all ages and abilities,” said studio owner, BreAnna Liberto. “There’s something profoundly powerful about dance and the way we connect with it as humans. Dance can be very therapeutic and can help develop important cognitive, motor, emotional and social skills.”

In June of 2019, one of CCA’s teachers, Hannah Frederick, became a certified instructor through Rhythm Works Integrative Dance. Rhythm Works Integrative Dance is a clinically based hip hop dance program that utilizes sensory processing, kinesiology, and behavioral analysis as a foundation to build customizable classes for the students. “The purpose of such a comprehensive program is to provide our certified teachers with the tools and education necessary to effectively make a difference in their student’s lives,” said Tricia Gomez, Global Director of Rhythm Works Integrative Dance. “Emerging research is showing that movement, music, and rhythm, when combined, light up the brain in ways that create new neuropathways. Dance is a powerful modality that offers an opportunity to build social, emotional, cognitive, and motor skills. Plus it’s tons of fun!”

“We’re excited about the opportunities this program will offer our community,” said Liberto. “We are offering a class for adults and a class for kids beginning in January 2020. Students will first work one-on-one with our certified instructor before joining a small group class and then work their way up to a large group setting. Our certified instructor will work closely with students’ parents, guardians and therapists to develop individualized goals and plans for achieving them. It’s truly going to be a remarkable program.”

Registration for classes is now open. Email CCA at for more information or call/text 814-319-5631.

About Clarion Center

for the ArtsClarion Center for the Arts is a dance, music and theatre education center that is dedicated to helping students grow into compassionate, confident, and creative world changers. Through the arts, CCA shows students the importance of using their gifts to make a difference in their communities and beyond. Some of their compassion projects include raising money for local and international nonprofits, painting cheerful pictures and delivering them to hospital patients at Christmas, and performing at nursing homes and senior living centers. They offer dance classes for students as young as 18 months, music lessons and classes in piano, voice and guitar, and theatre opportunities for kids and adults.

About Rhythm Works

Integrative DanceGlobal Director Tricia Gomez is the creator of Rhythm Works Integrative Dance, Hip Hop In a Box, and the Hip Hop Made Easy programs offered in over 2100 studios and schools worldwide. Gomez is considered a pioneer in the youth hip hop dance field. Her unique hip hop teaching methods have landed her on the “Dr. Phil Show,” and as the head judge of the TV show “Dance Revolution.” Tricia is now a consultant for the Disney Performing Arts Program where she has the honor of working with dancers from around the world. Previously, Gomez has worked in the studio setting as a teacher and studio owner for over 20 years.

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