DuBOIS — On Nov. 6, the DuBois Area High School Book Club traveled to Brookville Area High School for the annual Riverview Intermediate Unit #6 Senior High Reading Festival.

This year, the book club took three teams, a freshman team, a sophomore team, and a junior team.

DuBois teams have historically done very well at this competition, bringing home the first place traveling trophy for the past two years. This year was not any different. The freshman team placed first, with the junior team in a close second.

Each team was comprised of eight to 12 members, who read two or three books per person in order to cover the full list of 24 books.

The books on the list this year included nonfiction selections such as Google It, YA fiction including Five Feet Apart, fantasy like Night Circus, and even Maus, a historical fiction novel about the Holocaust written entirely in comic book format.

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