DCS students hold variety show, bake sale

DCS students host variety show, bake sale

On Friday, May 10, DuBois Christian Schools high school students hosted a Variety Show and Bake Sale with the hopes of raising funds to help the local Make-A-Wish Foundation. With the help of DCS High School English Teacher Ms. Erica Weeks, students prepared for the show and bake sale in advance by organizing donations, planning and practicing skits and musical pieces, and by inviting family and friends to attend. Admission to the Variety Show was free but donations were encouraged and all profits from the bake sale were donated to the Local Punxsutawney Regional Office of the Make-a-Wish Foundation of Greater PA and West Virginia. Lindsey Herzing from Make a Wish came and presented how Make-a-Wish works and how local kids have benefited from their amazing programs. The Bake Sale portion was organized by Gabby Meholick (junior) and the Variety Show was hosted by emcees and Hannah Deitch (junior) and Rorrie Maynard (freshman) with many 7th-12th grade students participating and showcasing their talents. The entire evening was fun, fast paced, and full of great skits, musical performances and acts! Best of all, $626 was donated to Make-a-Wish at the end of the evening! Pictured, from left, are Rorrie Maynard, Hannah Deitch, Gabby Meholick, Lindsey Herzing, and Ms. Erica Weeks.