Thandie Newton was 'supportive' for teen daughter during Dumbo filming Content Exchange

Nico Parker has praised her mum Thandie Newton for being incredibly "supportive" during the filming for 'Dumbo'.

The 14-year-old rising star - who is the daughter of the 'Westworld' actress and her filmmaker husband Ol Parker - has revealed that her mother has been very "helpful" during the filming of the upcoming Disney live-action remake, in which she plays Milly Farrier, but made sure not to "intimidate" the young starlet with too much advice.

Speaking to Variety at the 'Dumbo' premiere in Los Angeles, she said: "[Thandie's] Not [given] acting advice. I think she kind of stayed away from it because it would probably intimidate me a bit, but she's been very helpful through this whole experience and very supportive."

The film's producer Derek Frey also insisted that viewers will not be disappointed with the Tim Burton directed movie, especially the way the filmmaker has treated the famous pink elephant scene that featured in the original 1941 classic.

Frey added: "Well it was in the script, and when I read the script, I was so happy it was. And that was the moment I said, 'People are really going to wonder 'What is Tim Burton's take on pink elephants' and it was one of the last scenes that kind of came together because Tim wanted to see how the movie shaped before he formulated that scene.

"I don't think anybody's going to be disappointed I think a lot of people are going to be interested in what that scene is going to be, and how weird it's going to be and strange and I think they're gonna definitely feel rewarded by what they see."

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