BROOKVILLE — County Democrats are invited to sign petitions for judicial candidates at two Jefferson County locations during the next two weeks.

Petitions will be available at the Gianvito Law Office, 314 W. Mahoning St., Punxsutawney, and at the Taylor Law Firm, 340 Main St., Brookville, until March 9.

Those planning to sign petitions should wear masks and phone ahead to assure the office will be open. In Punxsutawney, the number is 814-938-1776, and in Brookville, 814-849-5880.

Petitions are available for Supreme Court candidate (one vacancy) Maria McLaughlin, Superior Court candidates (one vacancy) Jill Beck, Deborah Canty, Timika Lane and Bryan Neft and Commonwealth Court candidates (two vacancies) Lori Dumas, Amanda Green-Hawkins, David Spurgeon and Sierra Thomas Street. These candidates for Pennsylvania’s three highest courts will be on the Primary Ballot on Tuesday, May 18.

To assist those in need in Jefferson Co., donations of cash and canned goods to local food banks will be accepted at both locations.

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