The following is part of an occasional installment of “old time headlines” compiled by the DuBois Area Historical Society. The headlines were researched by the historical society board member Ken Wiser. Headlines and story samplings appear as they did when they were published in the newspaper. This installment is from the week of Jan. 27, 1919.

Monday, January 27, 1919

DuBois Is To Have Large Skating Rink

It is stated that a lease has been obtained of the basement of the McEwen building on North Brady street and that arrangements will be made immediately to have it fitted up for the roller skating rink. The basement is an unusually large one and there is no doubt of the fact that it can be made into a fine place for this amusement. Work will be started at once and it is expected that the new place of amusement will be in shape for use within a short time. A new floor will be constructed and every convenience provided for the enjoyment of this sport.

Skating And Golfing Enjoyed On Same Day

It is not often that skating and golfing is being enjoyed at the same time within sight of each other, but that is just what took place on Saturday afternoon. While a large number of people were on the Tannery dam skating, a number of enthusiastic golfers were on the links of the Country club playing a foursome. The winter greens were being used and it was stated that the ground was in good shape, the hill sections being perfectly dry, while the bottom land was not very soggy. It was quite a warm afternoon and the players experienced no difficulty in keeping warm.

Although the sun was out most of the day it had no effect on the ice and the skating was good. The surface was just not as smooth as it might have been, but nevertheless afforded excellent sport. During the afternoon two persons managed to fall in. One was a little girl who went too close to an open hole between the two dams and was submerged up to her waist. The other victim of a cold bath was a boy who skated directly into the intake at the upper end of the dam. The water at this point is only about one foot deep, but the lad struck the bottom when he skated off the ice and fell flat, being completely immersed by the ice cold water.

Tuesday, January 28, 1919

Around The World Trip Last Night

Last evening was a busy time in DuBois, for quite a number of DuBois people took a trip around the world and learned that the globe is rather a small place after all, for many friends were met on the trip in the various countries visited. The start was made from the First Methodist church, representing the United States, Traveling west, the transports first touched Japan, which by the way was Pierson’s on Main street, where, seated on the floor amid the apple blossoms of the island empire, and served by pretty Japanese girls, the first course of a dinner was served consisting of rice soup. Leaving Japan, the journey was continued to Italy, which was represented in the home of Chittesters on Wayne avenue, the house being beautifully decorated with Italian flags. Here was served spaghetti with sandwiches. From Italy the travelers crossed the Apennines into France, the home of O. L. Landis on Locust street, where the salad course was partaken. Crossing the channel between Locust street and Main street extension the next stop was made at the home of George Mundorf, where the bully beef of the British Isles was served. Returning to the States, via Main street and Long avenue, the parties finally arrived again at the church, where the final course of the meal was served.

Transports left the church continuously for two hours, and a considerable portion of the citizens of DuBois were able to enjoy the trip.

Maple Avenue Hospital Board Held Meeting

A regular meeting of the Maple Avenue Hospital board was held yesterday afternoon, with seven members present. The business of the association was considered and acted upon as far as possible. The hospital affairs, under the management of Miss Linduff, are in excellent shape. On Saturday afternoon Dr. Waterworth, of Clearfield, performed a major operation. Four major operations are booked for this morning, and four more for tomorrow morning.

The state appropriation of $2,500 has been received, and also an appropriation of $1,000 from the B., R. & P. Railway company, which places the institution in excellent financial shape at the present time.

Thursday, January 30, 1919

Residents Of E. Washington Ave. Much Annoyed

For some time past the residents of East Washington avenue, between South Church and South Highland streets, have been annoyed by the driver of a Ford car who, very late at night, brings his car to a stop near the street light on Church street, still permitting the engine to thump away, while he sits in the car and hugs a woman who is said to be a married woman of the Fourth ward. After this performance has continued for a half hour or more the woman alights from the car and proceeds on her way back South Church street. On Tuesday evening the Ford driver had a companion with him, together with the married woman and one said to her sister, and the second time they stopped during the evening on East Washington avenue the red lights were turned on and the police department called upon to abate the nuisance. However, before Assistant Morrison could reach the scene, the women had left the car and proceeded on their way. They were traced, however, to their place of abode, and if the nuisance is again perpetrated they will have some difficulty in explaining the whys and wherefores of their conduct.

Highly respectable young women of the city who live in the homes in front of which the tin Lizzie stops and discharges its passenger or passengers have been much embarrassed through the possibility that neighbors might connect their names with the episode.

Friday, January 31, 1919

Big Snake In Bunch Of Bananas Met His Death

Considerable excitement was caused last evening in front of the fruit store of Charles Mike when a good sized snake was found in a bunch of bananas just taken into the store. The bunch had just been delivered from a local wholesale company, and Mr. Mike was in the act of taking some of the fruit off for a customer when in reaching into the bunch his hand struck the snake. He quickly withdrew his hand and saw the snake peering at him not a foot from his face. After considerable maneuvering it was gotten into a bag. Mr. Mike then offered the bunch of bananas to the person who would be willing to take the snake off his hands. It was taken by Mr. Brady, who took it to his repair shop and finished it with a shot. It is now on display in the repair shop window. The bunch of bananas had been received by the local wholesale company on Friday, and had been in storage since then. It is very probable that the snake got in the bunch in Cuba, where it was sent from, and has been enjoying the best of living since that time. The marks on the bunch where the snake had been nesting are clearly discernible. The snake, which is four and one-half feet long, is one clearly of foreign birth, as none have ever been seen around this vicinity, it being one of the most deadly of its species.

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