The following is part of an occasional installment of “old time headlines” compiled by the DuBois Area Historical Society. The headlines were researched by historical society board member Carol Laughlin. Headlines and story samplings appear as they did when they were published in the newspaper.

This installment is from the week of Jan. 10, 1921.

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Monday, January 10, 1921

Valuable Horse Struck By Auto; Leg Is Broken

On Saturday afternoon about three o’clock, a truck belonging to Nels Work struck a horse, owned by Ad. Logan, knocking it down and breaking its hip. It is alleged that the car was coming out of the alley at the rear of the Commercial Hotel, and the horse and carriage were going up Long Avenue. Just how the truck happened to hit the horse is not known but it is claimed that both were going at a goodly rate of speed, and it was practically impossible for either drivers to turn out of the way and avoid an accident. As soon as it was discovered that the horse was injured and that nothing could be done for it, Chief of Police Peace was called and quickly put an end to its sufferings by placing two shots in it.

The horse was temporarily taken to the vacant lot at the corner of Scribner Avenue and Rose Alley, back of Klewan’s Dept. Store and was later removed and disposed of.

Naturally, as soon as the incident occurred a large crowd gathered and watched the policeman put an end to the unfortunate horse.

Tuesday, January 11, 1921

Silk Situation Is Improving In Satisfactory Manner

The silk situation is showing a considerable improvement and it is expected to continue to improve. It is believed the silk business has seen its worst days and that from now on gradual improvement will be noted. Manager Morgan of the Alpha Throwing company is very optimistic regarding the future and states that his company is expecting a great improvement. This is reflected locally in that the plant has been running about one-fourth capacity for the past several months. Preparations are now under way for the resumption of work at almost full capacity. Mr. Morgan hired a number of operatives yesterday and is taking on more right along, so that it is expected that before long the plant will be running at full capacity. It is gratifying to note that the silk situation has straightened around and gives promise of becoming normal within a short time.

It is probable that the local Alpha company will carry out its original plan for the enlarging of the factory; these improvements to be made during the coming summer. The enlargements were originally scheduled immediately after the present buildings were finished but owing to the market situation at that time the building plans were postponed.

Thursday, January 13, 1921

Slayers Of Bull Elk Are Given Sentence Of 6 Months in Jail

John K. Kelly and John Sahola, of Tyler, have learned to their sorrow that the Pennsylvania state game laws are made to be respected and that once wantonly or carelessly violated the amends honorably cannot always be made by peeling the required fine off one’s bank roll and thereby close the incident.

During the hunting season just closed, a mammoth bull elk was shot and killed in the mountains near the headwaters of Medix Run.

State Game Protector Kelly, of DuBois, investigated the case and after an extensive search traced the killing to Kelly and Sahola. The former admitted the killing and as there were six bullet holes in the elk’s carcass also admitted that Sahola and another man had shot at it. Kelly paid his fine, but as the killing of an elk carries with it a jail sentence, the game commission at Harrisburg was notified and after going over the game protector’s report, it directed that the extreme penalty be visited upon the violator of the law.

State Game Protector Kelly of DuBois and Davis of Clearfield went to Tyler and arrested Kelly and Sahola. They were taken before Alderman Bogden at DuBois, who heard the case and sentenced each defendant to pay a fine of $200 and undergo imprisonment in the county jail for a period of six months, as prescribed by the game laws.

A young man named Edleblute, who hunted without a license up around Utahville, was arrested by State Game Protector Davis on Monday and made to cough up a $20 fine.

Gas Company Is Now Giving Demonstration On Gas Saving Method

In the city of Franklin where a determined campaign was organized to fight the increase of natural gas by the United Natural Gas company, interest in the subject is very keen. The agitation is very keen and the company has taken note of it. The officers now propose to do something that would have been a mighty good thing to have inaugurated many years ago. They have organized a demonstration school, this school to meet at least twice in that city, at which time every consumer of gas is privileged to call and study the most economical manner of burning gas. Furthermore, a local efficiency bureau has been organized with a company man in charge. As it is understood the service men will call at the homes of gas consumers when requested and make inspections giving recommendations of what should be done to conserve the supply of gas.

It appears that this is a move in the proper direction and if the company can demonstrate to the consumers that gas can be saved the consumers will be perfectly willing to go along with the company in this regard.

It is not known that demonstrations of this character will be held in DuBois, but it is probable that they will be.

Petition Asks For New Detour To County Seat

A petition is being circulated and very generally signed asking the county commissioners to open a new detour road across the mountains from Clearfield to DuBois via the Penfield road.

The state highway department expects early in the spring to let a contract for the building of the state road through Draucker’s woods on the Curwensville road and this will make the detour asked for absolutely necessary. The move to have the route agreed upon is made at this time in order that no delay may occur in the spring.

The road is to leave the Penfield road near Elias Leninger’s and thence by way of Anderson Creek post office through to Home Camp. It will make a very desirable detour and shorten the distance between Clearfield and DuBois a matter of six miles.

Saturday, January 15, 1921

Hartzfeld Co. To Have Grand Opening Today

The Hartzfeld Furniture company claimed to be one of the finest furniture stores between Buffalo and Pittsburgh, will have their official grand opening today. The Hartzfeld Company has been preparing elaborately for this opening, and today are in the best condition possible to give their patrons the best service in their special line.

As one walks into the spacious ground floor of their store, be delighted to see such a display of beautiful house furnishings. A Courier representative visited the store yesterday and was greatly pleased to see so elaborate a store. The equipment of the Hartzfeld Furniture Company is very complete. They acquired practically all new stock when they transferred their store from the old location in the Reams building to their present location in the new Wingert building built and designed especially for their purposes. The interior is beautifully decorated and a large window, both at the side and the front, furnish daylight that is very beneficial to their need. Being situated on the corner gives them every advantage. They occupy over 13,000 square feet of floor space, using the entire basement, the first floor and most of the second floor.

In the Columbia Graphonola department, they carry a very fine and assorted line of machines and all of the latest records.

The general public is invited to attend the grand opening today and they are sure to be greatly pleased with the many designs and patterns that are offered for inspection.

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