The following is part of an occasional installment of “old time headlines” compiled by the DuBois Area Historical Society. The headlines were researched by historical society board member Ken Wiser. Headlines and story samplings appear as they did when they were published in the newspaper. This installment is from the week of March 11, 1919.

Tuesday, March 11, 1919

Movement On Foot To Organize Vets Of World’s War

There is a movement on foot locally to organize a camp among the veterans of the World War, and it is probable that in the very near future some definite steps in this direction will be taken. There are approximately 200 of the young men home already, and it is felt that an organization should be perfected so that it will be in shape to participate in the welcome home affairs that will be given later to the comrades who are still retained in the service. It is certain that there will be a national organization formed at some distant date and there is no reason why DuBois should not be in on the ground floor. The project has been discussed at considerable length by quite a number of the returned soldiers, and all of them are in favor of going ahead immediately.

It is quite likely that before long a meeting will be called for this purpose, and there is no doubt of the fact that practically everyone who was in service will be present.

One of the objects of the organization will be to get all of the soldiers together and arrange for forming a compact organization, so that when they are called upon to go out on parade there will be more uniformity of movement. At present all of the soldiers are from different units and different branches. While all of them have had the same general drilling, etc., yet they are not trained as one body, and this would be one of the objects of the new organization.

Clean Up Days Are Coming

The Civic Club held a meeting last evening in the Chamber of Commerce rooms, and the members expect to be very busy through the spring meetings. The present is just the time to start to think of cleaning up some, and the club is urging everyone to clean up their property, and their yards as soon as possible. During March and April, the months of the coming spring, everything is apt to look very dirty, but just as it is a time for house cleaning, so it is time for town cleaning. DuBois has a cleanup of the whole town at least once a year in the spring, and the matter for the cleanup this year was discussed by the club last evening.

There is a great amount of waste paper over the streets, thrown there by careless persons, but which adds greatly to the unattractiveness of the business sections of town, as to the residential sections. The Civic Club has provided waste cans which are at most of the corners, provided for just such purposes, and the citizens are urged to use them in disposing of waste paper on the downtown streets, so as to keep the streets in the best condition possible.

The cleanup which is urged this spring is something which everyone will realize the necessity of, for with the accumulation of dirt and water during the winter months, the city is in a very dirty condition at the present time. Warm weather will be here shortly to stay, and property owners should begin to think of cleaning up and painting and making other improvements for the summer months. The Club has received numerous complaints regarding the dirty conditions of the streets, and they are urging everyone to assist in keeping them as presentable as possible.

Renewed interest has been aroused in the work of the Civic Club this spring on account of the many public improvements about to be started. The club last evening took action on the question of working to secure some sort of a public library for DuBois, and will strive to have one of the rooms in the new City Building set aside for a Library Room. There is no question over the need of a library for DuBois, and the Civic Club could not undertake a branch of work which would work more for the betterment of DuBois, than that toward a public library. One of the rooms in the new City Building could very easily be fitted up into a room appropriate for a library, not necessarily containing a large assortment or array of books, but standard books of reference, the best books of fiction, books on politics, philosophy, and the fine arts and sciences, which at present are available to those only who are fortunate enough to own a library of their own. It would not require a large initial outlay of money, but it would be a project which could be added to as the years pass, and DuBois would in time have a library which could be made to rank with the best.

The club had a very interesting meeting, and there were many items of importance discussed. Action was taken upon adopting a French war orphan, the club deciding to take one to care for, as have several other organizations of DuBois.

Now that the club has started again they will take an active part in the improvements which are on the calendar for this summer. Meetings will be held frequently and a great deal will be done for the betterment of DuBois.

Wednesday, March 13, 1919

“Sleeping Sickness” Case Appears Near Punxsutawney

The “Sleeping Sickness”, a complication of an aftermath of influenza has made its appearance in this section, according to the Punxsutawney Spirit. The Spirit has the following to say regarding the disease:

Mrs. John Wildo, of Eleanora, suffered a severe attack of influenza nearly three months ago, from which she had apparently fully recovered. Nearly three weeks ago the “sleeping sickness” made its appearance. The woman could be aroused when she was shaken violently, but would immediately lapse into what appeared to be a deep sleep again. Bloodletting was tried by the physician in charge and the woman is now on the road to recovery. She has been up three days and shows no trace of the sickness beyond an unusual drowsiness.

From Seminole, Jefferson county, comes the report of the death of Mary Jundgo, an 11 year old girl, as the result of sleeping sickness. According to reports from Seminole, the child, who had been ill with influenza, was in a state of near coma for 10 days before death claimed her yesterday.

No other reports of the “sleeping sickness” have been reported in this section, although an unusual drowsiness has accompanied practically all the recent cases of flu in and about Punxsy.

In Chicago within the past week more than 20 deaths have been recorded as a result of this strange malady. A number of cases have also made their appearance in the south. In the majority of cases the victims are young persons.

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