Kyle Gardner

St. Marys High School DECA student Kyle Gardner was recently welcomed to an Elk County Toastmasters meeting to polish his public speaking skills.

ST. MARYS — Elk County Toastmasters welcomed many new guests at their recent meeting. Among those were St. Marys High School DECA student Kyle Gardner and his advisor Ms. Michele Jackson. DECA is a professional organization for high school and college students, devoted to developing future leaders for America.

Kyle will soon be attending the Pennsylvania state competition as well as running for State DECA President. He is required to give a speech in front of over 80 District members. Toastmasters invited Kyle to practice his speech “Grow with Gardner” focused on three issues he would tackle as State President –growing membership, partnerships and communication. Toastmasters members provided Kyle invaluable feedback to help him polish his public speaking skills as he prepares for his big event.

“Allowing members and guests to practice important presentations is just one of the valuable learning experiences Toastmasters provides”, explained President Dale Fox. “We teach members how to design and deliver speeches, how to use your voice with power, and how to make your body ‘speak’. We provide the confidence and training to knock it out of the park!”

If you would like to learn how to apply tried and true Toastmasters techniques to your important presentations, stop by for free as a guest. Elk County Toastmasters meet on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month at 6:30PM at the Community Education Center Room 301 on Erie Avenue in St. Marys. For more information visit the Elk County Toastmasters website or on Facebook.

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