Angela Erickson

Pictured is Angela Grimone Erickson, owner of Little G’s Boutique — a local Facebook group that she has turned into a live-streaming shopping experience.

DuBOIS — A local woman has turned her dream of working for QVC into a live-streamed reality.

Angela Grimone Erickson of DuBois has always had a passion for business and supporting local people, which is how the Facebook group “Little G’s Boutique” was born.

She held her first show in 2016, and last year is when the word really started to spread about the group, which now has more than 2,400 members, Erickson said.

Little G’s, an online shopping experience, started with consignment clothing, and has since grown to incorporate many debut and exclusive products, including soaps, home décor, coffee and tea, mugs and holiday products like hand-painted Christmas ornaments.

Through live shows and chats broadcast out of her house, Erickson showcases a new or returning vendor and his or her creations. Vendors come from several areas, including Clearfield, Jefferson, Elk and Cameron counties, and have the chance to reach thousands of potential customers in one show.

Being a businessperson has always been in her blood, Erickson says. Growing up, her father owned a department store in Elk County called “The Big G.” She was the youngest of five sisters, and went with her father to business meetings and product sales. She was soon selling appliances like washers and dryers, refrigerators and stoves, and eventually earned a degree in business management from DuBois Business College.

Erickson is a stay-at-home mom, and suffers from severe rheumatoid arthritis. Running her own business allows her to not only work from her house, but reschedule around her tough days, she says.

“It doesn’t matter how I feel — once I press that ‘live’ button, I’m ready to go,” she said. “I have so much fun. This is my passion and it’s what I love to do.”

Little G’s is a family business, Erickson says, with her husband helping to run the show and children helping organize the set. She has a designated show room, with a spinning wheel for giveaways, a bell to ring for sold items and a station to showcase products.

Some shows even sell out, Erickson said, and if they don’t, she will post the leftover items in the group. She also offers shipping to several states.

Erickson aims to feature naturally-based and clean products, such as real, cured soaps and bee-based honey items. She is willing to meet with vendors and test their products.

“My members are supporting me, and I want to support local vendors,” she said.

It’s important to her to keep items within a certain price range, and always have enjoyable and interactive prize giveaways and specials, Erickson says. Many people also have found new friendships within the group.

She was once a vendor herself, and understands how hard it can be to reach a large audience.

“They are reaching more people in one evening than they’ll see at a retail or vendor show,” she said. “They trust and believe me, and I’m not going to sell anything I don’t believe in. You can have the best display in the world, but the quality has to be there.”

Despite the daily struggles she may face, Erickson finds being a business woman and helping others find what they’re looking for in life to be very rewarding, she said. Her motto is “What you seek, you may find at Little G’s Boutique.”

September marks the beginning of fall sales, with the group’s annual fall and autumn décor special session being held next week. Christmas sales will start at the beginning of November. The amount of shows will increase to four or five days a week throughout the holiday season.

For more information, find Little G’s Boutique on Facebook.

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