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FALLS CREEK — The Clearfield-Jefferson Counties Regional Airport Authority, at its last meeting, was given an update from the marketing committee regarding the advertising campaign for the DuBois Regional Airport.

Magnus Marketing President Matthew Checchio said the large advertising campaign encompasses cable television, newspapers, online advertising and social media.

Southern Airways, which is the essential air service provider at the DuBois Regional Airport, conducted a promotion in which customers could purchase a $31 ticket through June 30. Though it can be used through Oct. 31, Checchio said it seems like a lot of them were used in July which was good to see an increase there.

A large portion of advertising was spent on just awareness, said Checchio. Many of the 15 second and 10 second videos shown on Facebook were a mix.

“You’re talking within a 40-mile radius, the numbers are always just astounding,” said Checchio. “This was a 10-day period in June into early July there were over 18,000 impressions, and a reach of 9,500 people ... with no indication in this area again if they were looking to travel or not. It’s just getting the awareness out there in case they were to come across somebody who might be looking to travel instead of hearing the story of driving to Pittsburgh per se, it’s like, ‘Hey, did you know in DuBois you can fly out of here for almost $30?’ Incurring those kinds of conversations. That’s sometimes more effective than getting a direct ad to somebody who might be inundated with so many ads online when they’re looking to travel.”

A Google campaign was also conducted.

“If you were looking at airline tickets and airline websites, anything with traveling in that fashion, our ad was being served. And that was seen in early August for two weeks with 9,100 impressions and almost 100 clicks to our website, which is a pretty good number there,” said Checchio.

Digital advertising was also interesting, said Checchio, noting to see the top five cities per se of who is coming to the airport website.

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“DuBois is always typically number one and this is in the last 60 days,” said Checchio. “DuBois, St. Marys, one and two. Altoona is three, then very close by is Punxsutawney, then Clearfield. The fact that Altoona is number three, they’re looking at us, that’s just interesting for whatever reason because the same service is in Altoona, and if you ask me why that is, I don’t know at the moment, but that’s just an interesting piece of information to look at there.”

Checchio said he is pleased with how much exposure the airport has been receiving this summer.

“I think that absolutely contributed to a very strong July,” he said.

In July, the DuBois Regional Airport reached an all-time record high in the number of commercial passengers — a total of 1,216 — flying to and from the airport.

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