DuBOIS — One classroom at Oklahoma Elementary School is believed to have indoor environmental quality concerns, according to DuBois Area School District Superintendnet Luke Lansberry.

A statement on the district’s website Thursday stated that as a result of the increased amount of rainfall, combined with the higher than normal humidity levels in the DuBois area, the DuBois Area School District has taken a proactive approach to monitor and measure indoor environmental quality.

“During this process, we have identified one classroom at Oklahoma Elementary School that we believe may have indoor environmental quality concerns. Students and staff within this one classroom have been relocated within the building,” the website stated.

“At Oklahoma is a different situation,” said Lansberry. “From all the rain, there was a classroom that had water infiltration through the wall. Water came through the bricks. We are having it professionally cleaned, just to be safe. We are checking the rooms as well. We are being proactive.”

According to Lansberry, an indoor environmental quality specialist from Mountain Research LLC was contacted for consultation.

An inspection and sampling will be completed, along with a recommendation made by the professional to do a full-room professional cleaning of the identified classroom, according to the district.

Professional cleaning had been scheduled and was expected to be completed Thursday evening to alleviate any environmental concerns, Lansberry said. The environmental specialist will perform air quality clearance sampling.

“Our approach is focused on ensuring the best possible learning environment for students and staff,” he said. “The indoor environmental quality specialist that we have contacted will support our efforts in managing temperature, humidity, and overall air quality. In addition, we will complete monitoring in other areas throughout the school.”

Lansberry said the district will continue ongoing communication through the district website. He stressed that the district is taking every precaution necessary.

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