WEEDVILLE — The Medix Hotel Polar Bear Plunge, held annually in January, benefits a local organization, say organizers. This year saw a returning non-profit benefitting from the event as the Allegheny Spay and Neuter Clinic was the focus of the event for the second year in a row.

“We’re thrilled to be invited again, it’s such a big event,” said Kim McKenrick, the director of the clinic.

The clinic bus, parked along the parking lot during the event, is used to pick up animals from local shelters to be spayed and neutered. Workers will travel as long as two hours to pick up shelter animals and bring them to the clinic.

“Our main focus is helping the shelters, but we’re open to the public. We’ll help anybody,” McKenrick said. “Our goal is to assist the shelters, help them get what they need done, and control the population in our own right.”

She said one of the biggest problems facing shelters is overcrowding. By helping to spay and neuter the animals, the organization is working to combat the problem, she said.

The organization also joined in the fun of the Plunge by having one of its workers to the water to jump in when the time came.

“We sent one, we sent Clayton Shadeck. He’s one of our employees. He jumped in the water for our cause, and he’s afraid of water,” McKenrick said. “He just loves animals.”

The clinic also sought to raise money by hosting a basket raffle and selling merchandise during the day.

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