KERSEY — A Kersey quilt shop that opened last year has been stitching up masterpieces and lifetime friendships.

Angel Dreams Quilt and Fabric Shop on Fairview Road has at least 1,100 bolts of fabric, said Founder Amy Armstrong.

Armstrong and her mother, Dorothy Raffeinner, and 28-year-old daughter, Stephanie Forster, enjoy stitching and creating as a family. Their neighbor, Sally Cook, and friend Bonnie Wehler have also helped make the shop like a second home.

“Angel Dreams” is named for her two children, Armstrong says, whom she both considers angels. She started quilting before losing her son to cancer 12 years ago, and who is now her “guardian angel.” Forster was very ill as a child, so she considers her a miracle and an angel, too.

The shop is located in the downstairs portion of Armstrong’s house, where there are several rooms. In the back, she often uses her longarm sewing machine, which is faster than stitching by hand. Many people prefer the creative process of hand-quilting, though, which includes stitching three layers together.

The shop is a wealth of resources, offering patterns and books, batting by the yard and other sewing supplies.

Nothing is wasted there, either — everything can be something creative. Angel Dreams uses all of the fabric scraps, sending them out to people who make them into items like baby blankets.

Business has boomed for Armstrong, with her sending quilts to other states, and being booked for Christmas items. She also creates “Memory Bears,” which are made out of clothing from a lost loved one. Last Christmas, she created 26 of them for one person.

Quilting can be used for almost anything, and is a great way to remember someone, Armstrong said. She creates T-shirt quilts, jacket patches and even helps local Scouts get their sewing badges.

“She always comes up with a solution to any problem,” Cook said. “She never says no. Her doors are always open.”

Armstrong has a love for not just fabric, but the entire process, she says. She will stare at a piece until a design “speaks to her.”

“When I’m having a bad day, I come look at any of this fabric, and it just gets better,” Armstrong said. “The joy it gives to me — I want to bring that to other people.”

For more information, visit or the Angel Dreams Quilt/Fabric Shop Facebook page.

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