PUNXSUTAWNEY — An Anita man faces felony charges of burglary and theft following an Aug. 28 incident.

Punxsutawney based state police filed charges against David Wayne Conklin, 21, of Anita, on Oct. 24 including three felony charges for burglary and two counts of theft by unlawful taking.

According to the affidavit of probable cause, police were called to Jawco in Punxsutawney following a reported burglary. Police were called because a four-wheeler valued at $1,500 and a side-by-side valued at $8,800 had been stolen from the back section of the building.

The owner told police that workers for Dunkel Roofing had been there the week before installing a new roof on the building, and were allowed inside the building to access roof drains. Police obtained a list of the workers who completed the work at Jawco, which lead them to Conklin.

When police arrived at his home, they saw a side-by-side parked behind the house. The side-by-side allegedly matched the description of the one taken in the burglary, and they found the registration in the glove box. The side-by-side was towed to the Punxsutawney PSP station.

Police reportedly confirmed a shed across the street from the home is also part of the property rented by Conklin. In it they found an ATV that matched the description of the stolen one, and confirmed this with the VIN number. This vehicle was also brought to the station.

Conklin allegedly admitted to police in an interview that he had stolen the vehicles from the Jawco building. He told police he was dropped off near the building and entered through a wooden gate at the side. He then allegedly pushed the ATV down the road and went back for the side-by-side. He said he planned to keep both to ride, and did not plan on selling either.

Conklin has a preliminary hearing scheduled for Nov. 19 with Magisterial Judge Jacqueline Mizerock.

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