FALLS CREEK — Planes haven’t been the only aircraft touching down at the DuBois Regional Airport.

Airport manager Bob Shaffer said an Apache helicopter stopped in at the airport Oct. 18, and fueled up with 350 gallons.

He said the helicopter came from Atlanta, where it was cleaned up after being in Iraq, and was headed back to Fort Drum, N.Y. Two U.S. Army personnel were transporting the helicopter.

“I can tell you we made a good impression,” he told Clearfield-Jefferson Counties Regional Airport Authority members recently.

Shaffer also noted that a helicopter, one that was working for the utility companies trimming power line right-of-ways, came in during October. A “noticeable” amount of fuel was purchased then, according to Shaffer.

Authority member and secretary/treasurer Jay Chamberlin said, “as we’ve seen, if we can sell fuel, we can make some money, and that helicopter was a nice addition.”

This year, sales of the fuel for these types of aircraft – known as Jet A retail fuel – are just a little under last year, based on records through the end of September, according to a chart reviewed at the meeting.

Checking account

The authority authorized airport manager Bob Shaffer to open a separate checking account at Community First Bank, dedicated solely to the state marketing grant and then closed, once the grant is completed.

Under the Marketing to Attract Tourists Program, the state Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) earlier this year awarded the airport a grant totaling $75,000.


The authority ratified the contract for directors and officers insurance with Catlin Insurance. Shaffer said the policy is for $1 million, and the cost for the year is $2,736. The deductible is $2,500 for everything going up to a “crisis event,” he said. After that, the deductible is $5,000, he noted.

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