ST. MARYS — Apple Blossom Farm on Bucktail Road has been a family-owned community staple for more than 100 years.

Rebecca and Josh Krug have lived on his family’s 1904 homestead for around five years now, she said.

The farm started with offering just apples, Rebecca said, and expanded to having goats and chickens, as well as many products like pears, jams, bananas and zucchini breads, goat-milk soap, eggs, goat-milk fudge, apple butter, produce and in the fall, pumpkins.

The 9-acre homestead, which has been in Josh’s family since 1904, includes a little shed and farm stand in front of the Krug’s home. People are also welcome to visit the goats and chickens, she noted.

He never anticipated taking over the homestead, Josh said, but it was something that just sort of happened.

Rebecca said it’s enjoyable for the couple to offer farm-fresh options for the community.

“We’re also big animal lovers,” she said.

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Rebecca, who is a teacher, said they currently have 10 goats, some of whom were inherited from one of her former students. They learned a lot about them, she said, including that goats like to be in pairs, otherwise they can become depressed.

Goat-milk soap includes many nutrients, with ingredients such as olive, coconut and palm oil and apricot kernel, and can help people struggling with things like dry skin, acne or eczema, she said.

The goats are typically bred in March/April, Rebecca said. They also have taken them to things like a fundraiser at Benzinger Park for a petting zoo.

Supporting the farm is also a way to buy local and support a local business and family, the Krugs said.

There is an immense amount of history behind the homestead, Rebecca said. Josh’s great, great-grandmother took care of the apple farm, since her husband was blind. The apartment building next to the shed used to be a gas station, and Josh’s grandfather used to fix cable TVs in what is now the shed.

Visit Apple Blossom Farm on Facebook for more information.

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