DuBois Area High School students had the opportunity to learn about what a career in engineering may be like when representatives from Atlas Pressed Metals in DuBois visited the school to talk to them about their field of work.

Approximately 100 students, in addition to teachers and administrators, attended the presentation. The event was brought to DAHS by the DuBois Area Science Team as part of a series of guest speakers in the field of science and by Atlas Pressed Metals.

Student Alexis Maze said Dr. Craig Stringer and Tom Pfingstler, of Atlas, told the students that engineering is in strong demand locally and provides a competitive starting salary.

“It also branches out into a plethora of different specialties to suit many interests,” she said.

Students were told that among the more well known fields of mechanical and robotic engineering, engineers may find work in computer, electrical, chemical, and many other specialties.

Stringer and Pfingstler both stressed that some of the necessary skills include communication, science, mathematics, and people skills.

A variety of powdered metal industry parts were brought to the school for students to see as well.

The DuBois Area High School Robotics students asked questions about the use of robots at Atlas.

Teachers, as well as administrators, were encouraged to visit Atlas to see firsthand the skills and quality craftsmanship that goes into producing the parts at the DuBois company.

Atlas provides parts for automobiles, blenders and farm machinery, in addition to many others.

Any student who is interested in engineering may consider taking a summer job or internship in this field. In addition to a college education, the Atlas representatives said job experience will make them a competitive candidate for this field.

Atlas Metals offers employment opportunities to high school students.

It was stated that even pushing a broom around the various departments would allow for some engineering techniques to be realized.

For those not interested in attending college, working their way up in a company infrastructure is possible. This can lead to some reasonably good paying jobs, they said.

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