DuBOIS — Gilbert Barker was appointed to the Region B seat of the DuBois Area School Board Thursday night while Charles Pasternak was hired as the new dean of students at the DuBois Area High School.

Barker was one of three candidates interviewed by the board at a special meeting Thursday following the July 29 death of Randall L. Curley Sr. The Region B seat represents Falls Creek, Bloom, Huston, Sandy and Union townships. The other candidates were Henry Daugherty and Tom Stafford.

After the interviews, the board adjourned the special meeting.

During the regular board meeting, nominations were held.

Director Mark Gilga nominated Barker while Albert Varacallo III nominated Stafford.

A roll call vote was then conducted the nominations. Barker was appointed, 6-2, with the following board members voting for him: Larry Salone, Patty Fish, Gilga, Jeff Madinger Sr., and Sam Armagost. Varacallo and Lee Mitchell voted for Stafford.

Since Barker was not in attendance when he was appointed, he will be sworn in at a later time. He will serve for the remainder of Curley’s unexpired term, which expires in December 2019.

Dean of Students

In an 8-0 vote, Pasternak was hired as Dean of Students for the 2018-19 school year at a salary of $75,000.

“I’m really excited about the opportunity that’s been provided by the board and administration. It’s invigorating,” Pasternak said after the meeting.

He said he’s looking forward to help move the district forward.

“I think we’re a great school and a great district. I think we have tons to offer and I’m just really excited to be a part of it and to serve the district in a new capacity,” said Pasternak, who has been with the district since 1993 as a history teacher.

“I loved the classroom and I feel like this position will give me an opportunity to broaden my impact on the district,” Pasternak said.

The Dean of Students’ duties will be similar to that of an assistant principal, Pasternak said.

“There will be discipline, promoting student activities, curriculum work, some community projects and act as a liaison between the faculty and administration,” he said.

The Dean of Students replaces the previously position of former Assistant Principal Brian Mulhollan, who who resigned in June to take a principal position at the Brockway Area School District.

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Lets see. They have an assistant principal position open, and they interview several people with the qualifications and certifications to be a principal, yet they hire a history teacher with no principal certification. Since he does not have the certification, they create the position of "Dean of Students" and pay him 75K. Wow. Were the people they interviewed that bad? I doubt it. This smells bad. What kind of school board approves of such good ol' boy tactics? If you are a parent, and this unqualified guy is involved with disciplining your child, I'd have a lawyer.

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