Benezette Hotel trailer at Elk Expo

Pictured is the Benezette Hotel concession trailer serving food at the 2019 Elk Expo.

BENEZETTE — It’s the busiest time of year in Benezette, and elk tourists have the option to catch a local meal as they visit the Elk Country Visitor Center on Winslow Hill Road.

The Benezette Hotel concession trailer came into being a couple of years ago, said co-owner Brian Kunes. The trailer is an extension of the historic hotel at the bottom of the hill.

“We take it to local functions year-round,” Kunes said.

The trailer’s main use is at the Elk Expo held at the Elk Country Visitor Center in August, Kunes said. It also operates daily during “the rut,” or mating season for the elk in September and October, at the ECVC.

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The trailer will also be available for elk tourists during the Elk Hunt the first week of November, Kunes adds. Benezette Hotel co-owner Matthew Castle operates the concession trailer regularly.

The brown trailer with the Benezette Hotel logo offers fresh-cut fries, smoked brisket sandwiches, pulled pork, elk burgers, pizza logs, chicken nuggets, foot-long hotdogs and soft drinks.

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