DuBOIS — The Bilgers Rocks Association is half-way there.

It’s been awarded a state grant for a plan to help guide future development at the park, but now it must find a match for the grant.

On Tuesday, it was announced that the association was a recipient of a Community Conservation Partnerships Program grant.

According to the announcement by the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR), the Bilgers Rocks Association was awarded a $21,000 grant to prepare a master site development plan for the approximately 262-acre Bilger’s Rocks Park in Bloom, Penn and Pike townships, Clearfield County. The work is to include a written, bound report, DCNR said.

The news of the grant was included in an announcement by Gov. Tom Wolf of an an investment of $44 million for 266 projects across Pennsylvania that the DCNR said “will create new recreational opportunities, conserve natural resources, and help revitalize local communities.”

“We’re extremely excited they considered us for the grant, but without the match, we won’t be able to complete or actually fulfill the grant,” said Cynthia Russell, a member of Bilger’s Rocks Association, which applied for the grant in April.

“We were told there were a lot of applicants this year, and I’m extremely surprised,” she added.

Russell noted that a master site development plan has to be in place to research what the community would like to see happen at the park in the future, such as potential upgrades, new construction, trails etc. She noted there are many options for future projects at the park.

The plan is needed to apply for future grant money for projects at the park, and to undertake projects at the park, she said.

However, the association must now find $20,000 in money to match the grant to pay for the master site development plan, which has a total cost of $40,000.

“The unfortunate circumstance is that we need an equal match, which, as a non-profit, we do not have,” Russell said. “We’ve been researching many avenues to find the match, but we haven’t had much success due to most grant funding resources and opportunities are not set aside for master site plan work.”

Russell said that once the DCNR provides the association with its grant award letter, the association will determine its next step.

Anyone wanting to donate to the association for the match can contact Russell at (814) 236-0483 or by email at cynthia2346@yahoo.com.

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