Simon Glatt in ice cream truck

Simon Glatt is pictured in Brandy Camp Creamery’s ice cream truck in downtown St. Marys.

ST MARYS — An ice cream truck in downtown St. Marys has taken the community by storm, offering handmade ice cream, created in Brandy Camp, seven days a week.

Brandy Camp Creamery came about around Christmas in 2018, when three local people with the dream of serving ice cream came together, said Co-Owner Meredith Bon.

Bon said the BCC crew is all originally from St. Marys, but had the opportunity to use the space of the Holy Cross Parish Center in Brandy Camp.

“We decided to name ourselves the Brandy Camp Crew, based on the old legendary story of land agent William Kersey, who owned a small camp in the village during its early history,” Bon says. “One day in Kersey’s absence, a work crew drank the bottle of brandy he kept on hand for personal use, and set the camp on fire. Hence the name ‘Brandy Camp.’

“Today the BCC and coffee crew continues the tradition of breaking the rules to enjoy the finest things in life,” she said.

BCC was started in Christmas of 2018 when Bon’s partner, Ray Knight, was approached by his friend and owner of The Sweet Shoppe in Kane, she said. Knight was looking for someone to buy the ice cream portion of his business.

“As a high school music teacher, Ray had a longtime dream of filling his summer vacations running an ice cream stand,” she said.

Knight, Bon and advisor Father Ross Miceli of St. Boniface Catholic Church in Kersey together provided enough team experience to start making ice cream, she said.

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“The three of us have always had the ambition to be in business, so when this opportunity arose, we knew it was a great fit for us,” she said.

All of BCC’s ice cream is homemade and handmade, Bon said.

“There’s nothing else like it anywhere in the world,” she said. “We use a special blend of ice cream bases, supplied by Marburger Dairy in Evans City, whole crafting our own unique versions of already-popular flavors.”

BCC can also cater to its customers for special events, creating special flavors for occasions, Bon said.

All ice cream is made at the center in Brandy Camp, Bon said, and is served on The Diamond in St. Marys across from the Apollo Theatre, as well as at local fairs and festivals.

BCC hopes to get its labeling and packaging finalized for retail sales this fall, Bon adds.

“We love creating something special for people,” Bon said. “We love our community and the people we serve. It’s a joy to watch people light up as they try our ice cream for the first time.”

BCC is now open from 3-9 p.m. seven days a week. It will close toward the end of September.

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