The DuBois Area School Board, at last week’s meeting, hired Brigette Matson as the assistant superintendent of schools at a salary of $115,000, effective Aug. 19 or thereafter. Her contract of employment, through June 30, 2024, was also approved.

The hiring of Matson, who is currently the Brookville Area School District’s assistant superintendent, was approved in an 8-0 roll call vote. Those voting included David Schwab, Albert Varacallo III, Larry Salone, Jeffery Madinger Sr., Gilbert Barker, Patty Fish, Mark Gilga and Sam Armagost. Lee Mitchell was absent.

Matson’s salary is to be prorated for the 2019-2020 school year.

At their Monday meeting, the Brookville Area School Board accepted, with regret, Matson’s resignation, effective date to be determined, no later than Oct. 15 (60 days).

The DASD assistant superintendent position has been vacant since Wendy Benton was appointed substitute superintendent Dec. 31, 2018, as a result of former Superintendent Luke Lansberry’s paid leave of absence.

With Lansberry’s retirement, effective May 29, the board appointed Benton superintendent of schools, effective May 30, at a salary of $140,000. Her five-year contract is effective through May 29, 2024.

In other hirings, the board approved:

  • Megan Nelen as a library, English, family and consumer science instructor, effective with the 2019-2020 school year, at a salary, as per contract, at Bachelor’s, Step 1, Year 3.
  • Erin Clouser as a secretary at the high school (1,640 hours per year), effective Aug. 26.
  • Mandi Bell as a mentor teacher from November 2018 through June 2019 to be prorated for the 2018-19 school year.
  • Jo Christopher and Tiffany Barrett as cafeteria aides at Juniata Elementary School (360 hours per year), effective on or after Aug. 19.
  • Jennifer McMullen and Gabrielle Gamble as paraprofessionals (special education teacher aides) at C.G. Johnson Elementary School (882 hours per year), effective on or after Aug. 19.
  • Tammy Harris as a paraprofessional (bus aide), 1,080 hours per year, effective on or after Aug. 19.
  • Amanda Walters as a paraprofessional (child specific aide) at Wasson Elementary School, 1,080 hours per year, on an as-needed basis, effective on or after Aug. 19.

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The board also designated the following individuals to act as School Police Officers for the district: William Mostyn, Mary Jane McGinnis and Michael Pisarchick. Benton was authorized, through the solicitor, to apply to the Judges of the Courts of Common Pleas of Clearfield and Jefferson counties to appoint these individuals to act as SPOs for the district, and upon receipt of appropriate clearances, certifications and approval by the Courts, to enter into an employment agreement.

The board appointed department chairpersons for curriculum/instruction for the 2019-2020 school year as follows, as per contract: Sarah Hoare, English/Language Arts, middle school (grades 5-9); Dorothea Hackett, English/Language Arts, high school (grades 8-12); Kelly Roush, mathematics, middle school; John Wayne, mathematics, high school; Jamie Henretta, science, middle school; Jennifer Keith, science, high school; Robert Anderson, social studies, middle school; Jacqueline Norris, social studies, high school; Melinda Swauger, arts and humanities (music), kindergarten through 12; Rebecca Sensor, arts and humanities (music), K-12; Melissa Lingenfelter, nursing, K-12; Amy McCullough, nursing, K-12; Kim Thomas, nursing, K-12; and Cory Hand, health/physical education, K-12. Note: Where there is more than one name in the same department, the salary will be divided.

The board rescinded the action from the May 16 board meeting to hire Kyle Bish and Todd Stiner for the extra-duty positions of varsity assistant for football for interscholastic fall sports for the 2019-2020 school year, as per contract, to be split 50/50. The board then approved their hirings for the same extra-duty positions, as per contract.

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