BROCKWAY — A Brockway woman is in jail after her two-year-old child reportedly fell out of a second story window while unattended.

DuBois based state police filed charges against Madison Joy Williams, 31, of Brockway, on April 30 including four felony counts of endangering the welfare of children, and two misdemeanors for recklessly endangering another person.

According to the affidavit of probable cause, Williams lives in the second floor apartment of a house. Her downstairs neighbor was preparing to leave for work in the morning when she saw the 2-year-old playing at an open upstairs window.

The neighbor told police the window was open enough for the child to lift the screen and stick his arms and legs out the window. She allegedly stood below the window shouting to get the attention of someone inside the apartment.

The 6-year-old who lives there came to the window, and she told him to get his mother. The neighbor then went to the door to bang on it, but got no response. She told police this was not the first time she had knocked because of concern for the children, and was not answered.

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When she came home later in the day, there were toys, broken eggs, and boys underwear on the ground below the window. She also told police the local daycare had let the 6-year-old in on multiple occasions because he was outside unattended.

Another witness interviewed who was present that morning gave a similar report. An employee at the Laugh and Learn Daycare was also interviewed, and told police she had taken the 6-year-old in at least 15 different times because he was out in the cold through January and February.

Williams called 911 later that day to report a 2-year-old child fell from a second story window. The child was taken to Penn Highlands DuBois, then transferred to Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh for a cut to his head suffered in falling about 12 feet.

Both of the children reportedly were left unattended for hours, during which Williams allegedly made no attempt to stop them from playing at the window.

Williams is currently being held in the Jefferson County Jail in lieu of $35,000 bail at 10 percent. Her preliminary hearing was held with Magisterial Judge David Inzana on Tuesday, and was waived for court.

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