Jeremy and Holly Limerick

Pictured are Jeremy and Holly Limerick at the Brody’s Barbecue tent, how the business all started on Groundhog Day.

Come Groundhog Day 2019, downtown Punxsutawney will be engulfed in the smell of smoked meat, cooked by a hometown professional.

Every summer, Brody’s Rib & Chophouse on Route 119 in Punxsutawney closes, so Jeremy Limerick and his wife Holly can spend more than 100 days on the road.

The Brody’s Barbecue trailer travels to fairs, festivals and weddings all over the state, said Limerick, who started the business on Groundhog Day in 2014.

In the beginning, Limerick was smoking and serving products out of a roadside tent, and eventually upgraded to a customized trailer.

On Feb. 2, he will be setting up in a different location, Limerick says. Instead of the usual site at the Country Villa Motel, Brody’s Barbecue will be in downtown Punxsutawney, welcoming new tourists and local customers.

Limerick can recall days where he and Holly stood in -8 degree, snowy weather, bearing the cold to serve authentic, real barbecue products to customers.

“A lot of people think the business is all me, but none of this would be possible without her,” Limerick says of his wife.

The trailer business has been a great way to gain customers, too, and spread the word, Limerick says, as well as meet Punxsutawney Phil tourists.

The catering business has been a major hit when it comes to weddings, Limerick says, since many brides and grooms are looking for a country type of dinner to serve. Brody’s catered 26 weddings last summer, offering products like a “loaded BBQ nacho bar,” pulled pork and chicken, sliced brisket and ribs.

For more information on the Brody’s Barbecue trailer and catering business, visit, the Facebook page or call 814-938-3344.

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