BROOKVILLE — The owner of a shop just off of Main Street in Brookville says she believes everyday life should have a lot of positivity, and just a little touch of magic.

Laurie Miller of Summerville started out as a vendor in a Pickering Street store, soon making it her own in 2007.

“Miller’s Precious Treasures” has a little bit of everything — antiques, tea readings, homemade and handcrafted products, and Miller likes to think, some healing power.

One of her favorite things about owning the shop, she says, is when someone comes in who is having a bad day, and she helps them find a product or a way to feel better. Over the years, she’s added some holistic, traditional things in which she believes, like crystals and stones used for healing or warding off sickness and negative energy, and essential oils and herbal teas.

The tea leaf readings, or “Tasseography,” started at the Victorian Christmas celebration in Brookville one year, Miller said. Kristyn Stage, a local woman with a significant following, uses tea leaves as a fortune-telling method.

Not everyone believes in these traditions, Miller knows, but they go hand-in-hand with her positive attitude, adding that the energy people put off into the world is the energy they will receive in return, she says.

Throughout seven rooms, MPT incorporates 15 local crafters, artists and vendors, Miller says, displaying their used and new products. One sells popcorn and pretzels, while another makes baby quilts or knits and sews. The shop also incorporates a clothing boutique.

“We are always changing, and looking to stay different from the rest,” she said.

Miller enjoys taking in used items, she says, and bringing them back to life.

“I like the unique pieces — you look at them and wonder how they were used and where they’ve been, and how they got here,” she said.

For more information, visit MPT on Facebook or stop in 92 Pickering Street in Brookville.

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