BROOKVILLE — Additional theft charges have been filed against a Brookville man for stealing from his elderly mother after control of her accounts was taken from her children.

Brookville Borough Police filed charges against Frederick Scott Baughman, 48, of Brookville, on Jan. 7, including two felony charges of theft by deception and receiving stolen property.

According to the affidavit of probable cause, police received an email from Joseph Stephenson, a financial investigator monitoring Jane Miller’s bank account. Stephenson reportedly had noted suspicious activity on Miller’s account.

Stephenson was also made aware that a court ruling by the Jefferson County Court of Common Pleas had taken custody of Miller’s estate from her two children, and given it to Distinctive Human Services.

This ruling is in regard to a case from September in which Baughman was accused of stealing approximately $29,000 from his mother, Miller, while he held joint power of attorney with another sibling, his sister.

According to the affidavit, Stephenson discovered that a man, who was presumed to be Baughman, was still using Miller’s bank card at various locations around Brookville. Stephenson had reportedly gathered photos from ATM cameras during the times the card had been used.

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Police obtained a search warrant for the records and images. Distinctive Human Services was also contacted and reportedly said permission had not been granted for Baughman to use the account, and sent a letter to police informing them of this.

Once the police received the records from Stephenson, they reportedly determined it was Baughman in the images, and the dates and amounts of withdrawals were determined. From August to November, Baughman allegedly took $2,700 from his mother’s account.

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