REYNOLDSVILLE — When students walked into C.G. Elementary School in Reynoldsville on a very windy Friday morning, Principal Ed Dombroski was standing on the school roof to welcome them holding a “C.G. Rocks” sign.

“I challenged our students to read 923 books this month and they did it today!” said Dombroski, noting that 923 signifies the address for the school on Jackson Street.

So from 8:30-9 a.m. Friday, Dombroski made good on his part of the challenge and received lots of positive reinforcement from his students when they saw him standing on the roof.

“I believe the children enjoyed seeing their principal on the roof. Based on their laughter and how some children kept coming back out the front door to wave at me makes me think that they were happy that they won the reading challenge,” said Dombroski.

He said although it was sunny outside on Friday, it was much windier than expected.

“I had to tape the banner twice because the wind tore it. Next year’s challenge might be posted on a plywood board,” he said.

Although some students may have thought their principal was teasing them about his challenge and wouldn’t follow through, others took the challenge very seriously.

“Many kept me informed about their daily progress of how many books they read that day,” Dombroski said.

Dombroski said this was the first time the school staff challenged the students to read such a large number of books.

“But I have a feeling that we may have started a new tradition at CG,” he said.

Dombroski said he has challenged individual classes before but this was the first time for a whole-school effort.

When asked if he was surprised the students met the challenge, Dombroski said, “Based on the number of ‘Reading Blocks’ turned in each day, it seemed like the reading started to slow down last week but then the students really turned it on during the last couple of days and actually exceeded the targeted number of books.”

He noted that the completed challenge was a “wonderful collaboration between students, parents, classroom teachers, and Title teachers. Students read at school and at home,” he said.

Dombroski said he is proud of the students.

“They worked so hard to reach this goal and they made the challenge so much fun for the entire school,” he said. “I don’t know how many times I heard, ‘Dr. Dombroski, we are going to put you on the roof!’ Well, they did just that. Admittedly, I’m very thankful that it wasn’t raining.”

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