The City of DuBois has added restrooms on the DuBois Walkway, according to City Manager John “Herm” Suplizio.

“We were first contacted by some people that use the walkway on a regular basis that we needed to do something with our restrooms over on the walkway,” said Suplizio. “For the longest time, we had a Port-A-John over there that was filthy, dirty and could never be kept clean.”

Suplizio thanked the residents who came forward, including Jan Monaco.

The new restrooms, which cost the city approximately $21,000, are located by the bridge over McCracken Run Road between Showers Field and the DuBois Mall. It is about 8 feett by 10 feet and centrally located.

CXT, manufacturer of concrete restrooms, showers, concessions and storage buildings, installed the restrooms.

“It’s all concrete,” said city Engineer Chris Nasuti. “Everything is precast, meaning one piece, and waterless. There is no running water, there is just a tank below that we have to clean up.”

Though the restroom is now usable, the sidewalks around it have not yet been completed.

“It’s a nice addition to our walkway and our park facilities to help people using the walkway. They now have a place to go to the bathroom if needed,” said Suplizio.

Other walkway restrooms, including the ones built by the city and located by the pool, are open now.

“They’re heated,” Nasuti said. “The new ones at Heindl Field will be open here in the next couple of days, and they’ll be heated as well. The other bathrooms in the park aren’t heated and we can’t open them yet.”

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