With primary elections Tuesday, May 21, those who wish to help decide the outcome have until April 22 to register.

Following is an unofficial list of Clearfield County candidates.

County seats

The district attorney is a law enforcement official who represents the county government in investigating and prosecuting individuals alleged to have committed a crime. This is a four-year term.

Current DA William A. Shaw Jr., a Democrat, of Pine Township, is seeking re-election. Republican candidates include Ryan P. Sayers and Warren B. Mikesell II, both of Clearfield.

County commissioners are responsible for the administration and functions such as planning and zoning, solid-waste collection, communications, parking, law enforcement, bridge and road maintenance, recreation and parks and collection and assessment of property taxes. This is a four-year term.

Candidates for Clearfield County Commissioner include: Democrats David S. Glass, of DuBois, David W. Twoey, of Woodward Township, and Lisa Kovalick, of Girard Township; Republicans are: Tony Scotto (incumbent), of DuBois, John A. Sobel (incumbent), of Lawrence Township, R. Bryan Snyder, of Morris Township, Edward L. Walsh, of DuBois, and Joseph Bigar Jr., of Sandy Township.

Current county Treasurer Carol A. Fox, of Burnside Township, a Democrat, is unopposed. County treasurers are responsible for sending tax bills, receiving funds and collecting overdue payments and disbursing the money among agencies. This is a four-year term.

Current register and recorder Maureen E. Inlow, of Lawrence Township, a Republican, is seeking re-election and is unopposed. This position is responsible for preservation of records and resolutions of real property, recorded deeds, mortgages and other records dealing with property ownership, as well as appointment and maintenance of records pertaining to estates and collection of inheritance taxes and probate of wills. This is a four-year term.

Kim Shaffer-Snyder, of Sandy Township, is the Republican candidate for coroner, and currently serves as acting coroner. Olivia A. Cutler, of Clearfield, is the Democratic candidate. The county coroner position is responsible for the investigation of deaths occurring within a specific jurisdiction. This is a four-year term.


Three municipalities in the county will have mayoral races. In none of those races is the lone candidate opposed.

In the City of DuBois, Democrat Randy E. Schmidt is the lone candidate. This is a four-year term.

In Houtzdale Borough, Republican Izen Jay Linengfelter is the only candidate. This is a two-year term.

In Ramey Borough, Wayne Berndt, is the sole candidate. This is a two-year term.

City controller

In the City of DuBois, Republican Shane T. Dietz is the candidate for controller, which serves as the chief accounting officer and auditor. This is a four-year term.

City council

City councils must hold one meeting a month, ensure city records are kept, hire and fire personnel, set compensation for city employees, provide municipal services, set an annual tax rate and establish an annual budget, delegate duties to the city manager, act as a vacancy board and attend conferences and training. This is a four-year term.

In the City of DuBois, candidates include Democrat Diane Bernardo and Edward L. Walsh, both incumbents.

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Borough council

Borough councils must hold one meeting a month, ensure borough records are kept, hire and fire personnel, set compensation for borough employees, provide municipal services, set an annual tax rate and establish an annual budget, delegate duties to the borough manager, act as a vacancy board and attend conferences and training. This is a four-year term unless otherwise noted.

Candidates include Republican Mason Patrick Strouse, Clearfield 2nd Ward; Republicans Gerald W. Spaid Sr. and Calvin C. Glass, both of Coalport; in Glen Hope, Democrat Edward C. Weld and Jerry L. Dotts; in New Washington, Republicans Vance E. McLaughlin and Randy A. Chilcote; in Curwensville, Democrats Harriet L. Carfley, Rhonda Carfley, David P. Donahue and Republican Keith Allan Simcox; in Grampian, Democrat Lewis Evert Weber; in Houtzdale, Democrat Merle D. Hayward, and Republicans James L. Love and Jesse Joseph Lamison; in Ramey, Republicans Charles T. Howell, Rudolph B. Kowalcyk, Caleb Scott Woodring and Robert L. Matchock; in Sandy Township/Falls Creek, Democrat Charles E. Case III and Republicans Kevin D. Reynolds and Brian R. Leech; in Curwensville (two-year term), Democrat Thomas Edward Carfley; and in Burnside Borough (two-year term), Democrat Charles A. Smith.


A township supervisor is responsible for carrying out day-to-day duties of improving the community, enacting ordinances, adopting budgets and levying and enforcing taxes. These are six-year terms unless otherwise noted.

Candidates include: Republican Richard D. Youngkin in Beccaria Township; in Bell Township, Republican Kenneth R. Voris; in Bigler Township, Democrat Dwayne B. Delattre and Republicans Keith Jude Furrevig, Barry Raymond Reams and Walter S. William; in Bloom Township, Republican Michael D. Hollabaugh; Boggs Township: Democrats Darryl Martin Lashinsky and Richard J. Shimmel; Bradford Township: Republicans Dennis N. Mulhollan Jr. and William M. Graham; Brady Township: Democrat William T. Harvey Jr.; Chest Township: Democrats Kevin M. Hutton and Alvin Turk; Cooper Township: Democrat William W. Dolby and Republicans Michael Alan Tressler and Charles R. Saggese; Covington Township: Democrat Merle B. Roussey; Decatur Township: Republican William M. Vogle; Ferguson Township: Republican Lloyd Bub Harnish; Girard Township: Republicans Roger P. Buck and Don R. Leigey; Goshen Township: Republican James R. Sankey; Graham Township: Republicans Ivan F. Kyler Jr., Thomas Clark Kirk and Allen Gene Hubler; Gulich Township: Democrat Kevin D. Phillips; Huston Township: Republican Marleen Meraglia; Jordan Township: Republican Roger G. Kritzer; Lawrence Township: Democrat Daniel G. Mitchell Sr. and Republican Brian E. Collins; Morris Township: Democrats Emerson Reams and Richard Tony O’Dell, Republicans Josiah U. Jones, Perry E. Reiter, Randy Clark Folmar; Penn Township: Republican Joseph C. Pentz; Pike Township: Republican Mark Anthony Collins; Pine Township: Republican David Lee Johnson; Union Township: Republicans Brian S. Sekula and Val E. Orcutt; Woodward Township: Democrat Robert Allen Baker Jr.; Sandy Township: Republicans Samuel J. Mollica III, Andrew P. Shenkle, David E. Sylvis Sr. and William A. Beers Jr.; and Pine Township (four-year term): Republicans La Mese MP Johnson; Boggs Township (two-year term): Democrats Darryl Martin Lashinsky and Richard J. Shimmel; Jordan Township (two-year term): Republican Donald Wharton Jr.


Candidates for six-year terms, unless otherwise noted, include: Republican Rita J. Keener in Bell Township; Republican Karen D. Hendershot in Bigler Township; Republican Tanya M. Kunsman in Chest Township; Republican Melissa Ann Rauch in Girard Township; Republican Valerie A. Shipley in Jordan Township; Republican Nancy W. Scheider in Karthaus Township; Carol Harris Horner in Union Township; Kimberly Lea Stiles in Woodward Township; Kate Roberts in Bradford Township; Tanya M. Kunsman in Chest Township (four-year term); Democrat Cheryl A. Hensal in Bigler Township (two-year term); and Republican Bobbi J. Shirey Rebok (two-year term) in Bradford Township.

School Board

Members of a school board are responsible for superintendent employment, policy development, curriculum and budget of the district, overseeing facility issues and adopting bargaining agreements.

In the Harmony School District, Kathleen L. Cowden cross-filed as both Democrat and Republican while Susan E. Gallaher is running on the Democratic ticket; West Branch: Democrat Donald P. Yontosh Sr. and Republican Robert J. Seprish, James E. Emigh cross-filed; Clearfield Area School District: Candidates who cross-filed include, Gail C. Ralston, Larry A. Putt, Philip E. Carr, Susan E. Mikesell; Cross-filing for the Curwensville Area School District are: Lois A. Richards, Robert E. Deluccia, Gary Witherow, Suzanne Marie Mendat, Melissa Maines-Sopic, Carrie A. Warren, Nicholas S. Kolesar. Beth A. Caldwell is a candidate on the Republican ticket; Moshannon Valley School District: Cross-file candidates are Larry J. Saupp, Ruth L. Saupp, Albert AJ Adams, Nathan M. Dotts; for a two-year term, Mary Anne Wesdock Jackson cross-filed; Purchase Line School District: Cross-filing: Pam Gardner, Raymond T. Kauffman, Scott A. Beer, Jeffrey S. Mountain, Roy A. Butch Markle; DuBois Area School District: Cross-filing for Region B: Kristy Marie Baughman and Gilbert J. Barker; cross-filing for Region A: Dustan R. Dodd; cross-filing for Region C: Mark J. Gilga and Robert G. Wachob; Glendale Area School District: Cross-filing are Kay Lynn Stiver; Philipsburg Area School District: Democrat Estelle Elizabeth Bowman and Linda K. Bush, who cross-filed; Glendale School District: Jeffrey S. Gallaher cross-filed.

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